New Appraisal Interface and Executive Dashboard Optimized for Speed and ROI

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The new VINCUE  Executive Dashboard unifies all the data, workflows, and tasks across all inventory, creating a single visualization and jumping off point for inventory lifecycle management across a single dealership, multi-rooftop group, or large enterprise group. 

These updates and so many more are on display at NADA 2024, and they are built #ByDealersForDealers. VINCUE Founder, CEO, and CTO Chris Hoke being the genius behind the data and the tech, and Co-Founder and Managing Partner Danny Zaslavsky representing the real-life experiences and needs of the dealer body. They are backed by fellow Co-Founders Brian Kellogg and Jeff Rice, the developers that put it all together.

Chris Hoke
Founder, CEO, CTO
Danny Zaslavsky
Co-Founder, Managing Partner
Brian Kellogg
Co-Founder, Director of Software
Jeff Rice
Co-Founder, VP of Software Development

New Executive Dashboard & Appraisal Interfaces Optimized for Speed, ROI, and Scale

Just in time for NADA 2024 in Las Vegas, VINCUE is releasing a new Executive Dashboard and Appraisal interface, available to all VINCUE dealers at no additional cost, that is designed for maximum visibility, efficiency, and results.

The Executive Dashboard unifies all data, metrics, workflows, and tasks across your entire inventory, whether that’s a single rooftop, multi-store group, or large enterprise group. The Dashboard visualizes the most important performance metrics by function, and includes jumping off points for managing each step of your inventory lifecycle.

The Executive Dashboard also provides a new standard for user experience, which will start rolling out across the platform but starts with the new and improved Appraisal interface. The new Appraisal gives even more control and visibility over comp sets, valuation and profitability – while also making winning decisions faster and more precise.

Executive Dashboard Prioritizes and Prompts Actionable Data

The new Executive Dashboard has been designed and organized to scale to the size of the dealership, goals of each individual store, and even the role of each user – making the data and actions that are most important to you the first thing you see.

“The primary vision of the new Executive Dashboard is to let you focus on the things that matter most – and give you a jumping off point to dig deeper, make changes, or take advantage of opportunities as soon as you see them,” says Hoke. “It’s a re-imagined way to reveal more of your dealership’s high level performance metrics at a glance while reducing the learning curve for digging deeper into any of those insights.”

As dealers continue to use more formalized processes at all levels, tools need to be easier to use and learn. This latest release makes the most heavily used parts of VINCUE more intuitive to new users, while helping expert users save clicks on tasks they perform 100s of times per day.

“What my team loves about the new Executive Dashboard is how quickly our sales managers can scan what is happening on our lot at that very moment,” says Zaslavsky, “and then go straight to a piece of inventory, an appraisal, or an acquisition opportunity to make changes or take action immediately.”

Customizable Tiles Based on Need/Function

The new dashboard tiles are focused on different steps of the inventory lifecycle, such as Acquisition, Sales, Merchandising, and even Online Performance – now tying in audience to inventory management.

Each tile includes important metrics, live vehicle data, and calls-to-action when performance is different than expected. Each tile can be reordered for a tailored experience based on your position in the dealership and grow as you grow.

Go Deeper into the Data

The Executive Dashboards tiles include the ability to dig deeper into the data without leaving the dashboard, giving more context and visualizations to understand the metrics and performance you’re observing.

From Dashboard into Action

Each tile is linked directly into the rest of the software, so instead of running endless reports you can make changes to your buying plan, view specific appraisals and inventory, fix merchandising issues, identity problem areas, and go straight to the fix without clicking and hunting around.

Scalable from Single Dealership to Hundreds of Rooftops 

In our ongoing commitment to building revolutionary enterprise-level solutions for large groups, the Executive Dashboard can be wired for a single rooftop, small group of stores, or large enterprise groups giving the best possible view of performance however you measure it.

New Appraisal Interface Combines Best of Visibility & Usability

Every vehicle in your inventory started in the same place: with an appraisal. And we have always believed when you buy right, selling is never a problem. That’s why VINCUE Appraisals have always provided more surgical comp sets and visibility into the build data that helps you put the best possible and most realistic number on vehicles.

Now we’ve taken our Appraisal interface even further, making it faster to use while giving you more data and more options – all designed to help you stop racing to the bottom price and realizing higher authentic value for every vehicle.

The most visible, and most powerful, addition to the Appraisal is our new Value Rank – an algorithmic and dynamic signal for how well a vehicle will perform at your lot, in your market, against your competitors. It’s also a feature that was sourced directly from our dealers, pitched by Bob Kain but ideated by a team of dealers at VINCUE UNLEASHED 2023.

“What started as a lighthearted purpose- a feature contest at our UNLEASHED customer event- turned into several think tanks cranking out fantastic ideas for product enhancements,” explains Chris Hoke, VINCUE Founder, CEO, and CTO. “Bob’s idea ended up being a very well thought out value metric that we are excited to realize and unveil at NADA 2024.”

Value to Market

The most obvious addition to the new VINCUE Appraisal is the new Value to Market Grade that now includes our Value Rank. The Value Rank is an algorithmic signal that looks at price, odometer, build options and packages, history, demand for that color, and much more – and all of this updating live as you make appraisal adjustments.

“When challenged to create a modern way of assessing value, it was important to us to find a way to grade a unique dealer’s future customers’ intent of buying.” says Zaslavsky. “In working to achieve the highest authentic value in every transaction, we needed a system that took modern, real-time insights and opportunities into account.”

VinTel OBD-II Reports Integration

Another exciting step forward for VINCUE Appraisals is the integration of VinTel OBD-II Reports, tying the appraisal directly to a car’s computer, providing the most reliable data possible on the technical condition of the vehicle resulting in more accurate recon estimates.

Seamless Integration for ACE & VMR

Now tied into the VINCUE Appraisal is the VINCUE Accelerated Customer Experience (“ACE”) and VINCUE Market Report (“VMR”), one of our new features for NADA and a huge step forward in building transparency and confidence between dealership and customer during the valuation process.

Faster, Sharper and even more Connected: See it First at NADA 2024

The new Executive Dashboard and Appraisal is coming soon to all VINCUE dealers, but you can work with your Performance Manager to get them turned on early for your store. You can also see the new features live and in action before you make the switch at our booth at NADA 2024.

“This overarching vision for these updates, and all our newest releases, is really founded on the principle that all functions of buying and selling are part of an ongoing new and used car supply chain management cycle,” says Zaslavksy, “we as dealers now have access to modern data when making big or small adjustments – all in the name of adding major ROI to every step of the inventory lifecycle.”

Find VINCUE at NADA 2024 in Las Vegas

See it LIVE at NADA 2024

Get a demo of this feature and all our latest product releases live at  VINCUE Booth 4241W for NADA Show 2024 in Las Vegas, NV.

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 We found the team at VINCUE has been both proactive and responsive to our requests and changes in the marketplace. Their team has been amazing to work with and the tools and reports are very easy to use and customize. I would recommend VINCUE to anyone that is looking to have powerful inventory software tool.

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If you are scared of change, don’t be! All your competitors are using the same tools you are. We find that VINCUE does everything we could do with our old program plus it’s easier to use.

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