Manchester Honda Expands VINCUE Footprint to Include BOOST

Published On: January 24th, 2024Categories: Dealer Wins, Strategy, Technology

Peter Larson, Director of Sales at Manchester Honda, part of the Clear Automotive Group in Manchester, Connecticut is clear about the value of VINCUE BOOST. Peter utilizes the capabilities of BOOST to sell his inventory before it ages driving faster turn and higher gross on his new and used inventory.

Peter Larson

Director of Sales

VINCUE BOOST Helps Manchester Honda Turn Low-Performing Inventory Faster

BOOST is the VIN-specific, automated advertising engine within VINCUE. Because BOOST shares the same platform as VINCUE, BOOST knows how to dynamically prioritize ad spend for low performing inventory and ensure those vehicles receive the attention and visibility needed to get them sold. BOOST pairs its one-of-a-kind inventory analysis engine with the massive data curated by Meta pixels across the web to connect your inventory to real shoppers who have been looking for your inventory in your market.

With BOOST, Manchester Honda is moving low-performing inventory faster at a higher gross per copy. “Our confidence is so high in the VINCUE platform and in our data that we now set the monthly advertising budget and let BOOST do all of the work for us,” says Peter Larson, Director of Sales at Manchester Honda, “and now instead of racing to the bottom, VINCUE allows us to race to the customer!”

Manchester Honda is able to rely on VINCUE BOOST to attack low performing and aged inventory automatically, 24/7. The BOOST Engine knows when his inventory performance changes and makes real time decisions to direct his ad dollars and spend on the inventory that needs it most. And because all of the data is in one place, VINCUE provides comprehensive, transparent reporting for every ad dollar spent per vehicle.

What to Expect

Dealers who use VINCUE BOOST spend on average $16 – $45 per vehicle sold*. Dealers can start with as little as $150 in marketing spend and scale that amount up as they experience strong sales performance on their low performing or aging inventory.

VINCUE Appraisals were the gateway drug to full-adoption

Manchester Honda has been on #TeamVINCUE since 2022 and they were all in from the start, signing up to use the entire VINCUE suite including Buying Plans, VBC for Private-Party Acquisition, Appraisal/Pricing, and Inventory Management. Larson said the decision was largely based on the VINCUE Appraisal solution.

“One of the main reasons we initially switched to VINCUE was the appraisal system – and the fact that the appraisal screen is the same as the pricing screen,” says Larson. “This allowed us to quickly and easily see the thought process of the appraiser when it came to vehicle acquisition and disposition – and we no longer needed to click between multiple screens to see that information.”

Manchester Honda also leverages multiple people within the group to put eyes on appraisals and VINCUE’s enterprise-level appraisals make it much easier for them to get feedback from multiple user. “VINCUE allows us to have someone at a different location appraise cars when one store may be short-handed,” says Larson, “and it works because we have a universal process that includes a specific set of pictures and making sure we put notes in the appraisal system.”

“VINCUE allows us to quickly and easily see the thought process of the appraiser when it came to vehicle acquisition and disposition – and we no longer needed to click between multiple screens to see that information.”

Director of Sales
Manchester Honda, Clear Automotive Group

Taking Full Advantage of Unified Inventory Lifecycle Management

As an inventory lifecycle management solution, VINCUE unifies every step of inventory operations and Manchester Honda wanted to get their money’s worth – so they also replaced their legacy inventory management tool for VINCUE’s merchandising and syndication solutions.

“Since VINCUE is a fully integrated system it also allows us to quickly and easily merchandise all of our vehicles both new and used,” says Larson, “we can see on our dashboard what vehicles need our attention which allows users to quickly complete their job.”

The response and feedback from the Manchester Honda team was unanimous. “The entire staff appreciates that everything including pictures, descriptions, and pricing is in one system,” he continued. “Overall the entire process of trade to merchandising and syndication is a much easier process using VINCUE.”

Investing in Omni-Channel Inventory Sourcing with VINCUE VBC

VINCUE’s vision for inventory lifecycle management isn’t just about managing the inventory you have, it’s about helping you go source the inventory you need at the price you can afford to pay. The Vehicle Buying Center (VBC) is the industry’s only true CRM for private-party acquisition, letting dealers generate native inbound leads and mine for opportunities across independent market places.

“One of the other reasons we choose VINCUE is because of the integrated VBC for private-party acquisition,” said Larson. “While we are continuing to redefine what this means to Clear Automotive Group as a whole, we know that on average we see a higher gross profit on private party acquisition with a much lower human capital expense – and we are excited about a single point solution to get those vehicles.”

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Excellent product with incredible service. We use VINCUE for our 9 dealerships. Their inventory management system, appraisal software and buying tools are first class. Highly recommend.

Jason Bayless



 We found the team at VINCUE has been both proactive and responsive to our requests and changes in the marketplace. Their team has been amazing to work with and the tools and reports are very easy to use and customize. I would recommend VINCUE to anyone that is looking to have powerful inventory software tool.

Peter Larson

Director of Sales

Manchester Honda
Clear Automotive
Manchester, CT

If you are scared of change, don’t be! All your competitors are using the same tools you are. We find that VINCUE does everything we could do with our old program plus it’s easier to use.

Andy Carr

General Manager

Jack Schmitt Ford
Jack Schmitt Group
Collinsville, IL

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