Automotive 20 Groups

Automotive 20 Groups are the backbone of our industry where our best innovators and thought leaders come together to share ideas, collaborate on new solutions, and help each other win. These groups represent the best that the automotive industry has to offer, helping elevate and unite the entire dealer body. 

VINCUE is proud to have presented alongside our dealerships, industry partners, and aligned vendors at Automotive 20 Groups all over the country. When invited, we bring more than just VINCUE technology, we bring big ideas, decades of combined experience, and real-life data that drives conversations and solutions. 

If you’re looking for your next big idea or an industry partner for your next Automotive 20 Group, please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make you look great and contribute value to the conversation. 



Danny Zaslavsky grew up in a dealership. Literally. He is currently the General Manager of his family’s independent dealership in Kansas City and his earliest memories are following his dad around the showroom and talking to customers. These earliest memories and lessons laid a foundation for the passion, commitment, and sense of service that still drive him today. 

In 2019, Danny put his knowledge, passion, and his natural entrepreneurial spirit to the test by investing in VINCUE – where he now splits his time between the dealership and the company that’s innovating on his ideas and experience. That’s what makes VINCUE truly #bydealersfordealers, and what makes Danny the perfect partner for your next Automotive 20 Group, Association Convention, or Automotive Trade Show. 

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