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VINCUE does a lot, but we don’t claim to know it all or do it all. But when we don’t, usually we do know a “guy.” We partner with some of the most innovative industry leaders in automotive to help each other and our dealers win.

#TeamVINCUE Bench of Industry Partners

800% Automotive Club

Glenn Lundy, Founder & President

The 800% Elite Automotive Club is a pioneer in the North American automotive industry designed to help dealerships that sell between 50-250 cars a month scale their volume and their profits quickly while increasing employee retention and creating a winning culture.


Lotwalk by Lotpop

Jasen Rice, Founder & President

LotWalk combines the most critical data from your inventory tool, CRM, and market metric tools with a 1-on-1 coach. Giving your team an unmatched advantage to increase gross and volume.


Steve Roessler, Chief Evangelist

DriveCentric is the only ChatGPT powered CRM software for the automotive industry. DriveCentric's CRM is integrated with Artificial Intelligence and high-engagement tools to help sales teams work faster, smarter.


Epic BDC

Jessica Burkhart, Chief Marketing Officer

Whether you have 500 leads per month or 5,000, EPIC BDC has the staff to turn those leads into money. No outsourcing, no bots. We will improve the performance of your dealership's marketing IMMEDIATELY.

CarNow is on #TeamVINCUE


Tim Cox, Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist

CarNow’s Real-Time Retail platform allows you to engage with consumers at every touchpoint throughout the online to in-store car buying journey.

Team Engage

Danelle Delgado, Co-Founder

Danelle Delgado, known as the “millionaire maker” is one the most sought after speakers & corporate trainers on sales, business strategy, marketing, communication and human development in the world. She builds superhuman teams, turns down turnover and turns up profit.

Agile Auto & Automotive Advisor Team

John Ellis, Founder

Agile Auto Inc. is an industry-first inventory acquisition management software solution. The Automotive Advisor Team has over 100 years of experience in all areas of economics and automotive retail. Their programs are designed and proven to increase dealer profitability and minimize the risks of market volatility.

Dealer World

Troy Spring, Founder & President

Look, it is still advertising and in that sense your creativity still matters. We’d argue it matters more than ever. It is not all KPI’s and dashboards. We operate on the philosophy that the first conversion is the human mind. This foundational process allows us to “one up” the competition that only focuses on the digital realm.

Car Guy Coffee Podcast

Car Guy Coffee Media

Fred Lennartz & Lou Ramirez, Founders & Solutionaries

Just a Couple of Car Guys Helping Bring Some Get Up & Go to Professionals Related to the Automotive Industry.

BDC Angels

BDC Angels

Wendy Reeves, Founder & President

With our collective thirty plus years in the automotive industry, we at BDC Angels look to continue building on our dealership and vendor relationships, strengthening, sharpening the skills for dealerships from the BDC or internet department to the sales, marketing, and service departments.

Strategic Consulting Services

David Calhoon, Vice President

Strategic Consulting Services’ goal is to help dealerships thrive and win in every aspect of their business. They do this by helping dealers champion business challenges and by offering custom F&I products and services that drive dealership profitability.

Bob Ruth Ford Dillsburg PA

Bob Ruth Ford

Rob Ruth, Owner President

Bob Ruth Ford is a family-owned dealership proudly serving their community for 40+ years with best-in-class new and used vehicles. Led by Rob Ruth, one of the most innovative operators in automotive, it's their mission to change the world's perspective of the car dealership experience, one person at a time.

Cage Automotive

Cage Automotive

Durran Cage, Founder & CEO

Durran Cage started Cage Automotive to help dealers implement and perfect their digital retailing process. By utilizing the right tools on your dealership website, Cage Automotive can help your customers participate in a seamless, digital, car-buying experience.

Don Graff Automotive Advisors

Don Graff Automotive Advisors

Don Graff, Founder & President

Don Graff Automotive Advisors is a team of successful consultants focused on training processes and introducing “Best-in-Class” technologies to maximize dealer profitability and customer satisfaction. Don created the Graff Profit Matrix after combining years of retail experience with some of the country’s largest dealer groups.

Cue the Next Leader is a VINCUE Exclusive Podcast

Cue the Next Leader

Hosted by VINCUE Chief Marketing Officer, Angela “Rizz” Rizzo, Cue the Next Leader is a series of conversations designed to focus on a common journey and help automotive leaders go further, faster. Go beyond what your team can do today by learning other operators in our industry.

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