Integration Partners

VINCUE works even better when it’s integrated with your other mission-critical tools, solutions, and data. These are just some of the systems and products we integrate with.

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CRM integration enables data like VDP Views, Leads, Sales, etc., to be used in VINCUE to improve your buying plan, appraisals and pricing, and merchandising and advertising decisions.


The DMS is where the history of each vehicle begins at your dealership. This information is critical in order for VINCUE to be able to tell the whole story of that vehicle and your inventory.

Pricing Books

While we believe that live market data is the best and most leading indicator for appraisals and market pricing, we also include the industry's top pricing books for peace of mind.

Vehicle History Reports

Make more informed and more confident decisions with full vehicle history reports.


The cost of repairs and value-add benefits are critical to making the best appraisal and pricing decisions.


Get instant transportation estimates and services inside of VINCUE.

Retail Websites

It's critical that inventory changes and pricing made in VINCUE are accurately and dynamically reflected on your retail website.

Vehicle Photos

High-quality vehicle photos play a crucial role in swiftly moving inventory at optimal profit margins, and the photo vendors we collaborate with are among the best in the industry.

Vehicle Location Services

Vehicle Location Services not only provide the real-time physical whereabouts of vehicles but also extend to the comprehensive management of keys within the VINCUE system. This integration ensures a seamless and efficient approach to both locating vehicles and managing essential keys, enhancing overall operational control and security.

Digital Retailing

Companies who contribute to streamlining and improving the overall automotive retail process.

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