Not All Angels Have Wings - Some Wear Headsets!

Welcome Wendy Reeves and her company BDC Angels to #TeamVINCUE


Wendy Reeves was born into the auto industry and considers herself a passionate BDC enthusiast. Wendy spent over 30 years on and off in the same dealership, and 4 years with DealerStrong building the client portion of their dealer portfolio and speaking at industry conventions. 


Wendy founded BDC Angels in 2019 to teach others how to take their sales or BDC teams to new heights using proven processes and best practices she has honed over her 30 years in the automotive business. Wendy’s team also provides resources to build and run a Vehicle Buying Center (VBC) allowing dealers to acquire cars from the public. BDC Angels focus is on building, strengthening, and sharpening the skills of the BDC, VBC, internet department, sales, marketing, and service departments for automotive, RV, and Powersports. 


In 2021 Wendy joined the team on a spring project at Strolid as VP of Outbound Operations. Together, they collaborated on the launch of Strolid extended outbound calling campaigns for their dealer clients. 


Whether your dealership needs help onsite or remote, Wendy and her team are ready to help drive more showroom traffic to your dealership.


Team VINCUE is a network of dealers, partners, and vendors that share the common goal of helping dealers compete and win in an increasingly challenging automotive marketplace. All good ideas, positive intent, and innovative thinking are welcome, competitors and allies alike. When we do right by our customers, we all win. 

"You can't compete with me because I want us both to win."

- Danny Zaslavsky
Managing Partner, VINCUE
–– #TeamVINCUE | Wendy Reeves

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