VINCUE System Capabilities

Next Generation Vehicle Appraisal + Market Pricing

VINCUE’s Appraisal & Market Pricing tool and capabilities are built on top of millions of VINs updated daily from 40,000+ retail websites. VINCUE offers surgical comp sets with real build data to help you put the right number on the right vehicle at the right time. 

VINCUE monitors, pulls, and aggregates retail inventory daily from 40,000+ dealer websites. We store initial retail price, each price drop, and last recorded price for every vehicle, every day. That means you have the most up to date, live market data for every appraisal. 

Even the smallest variances in trim,  build, and options can swing the value of a vehicle in big ways. VINCUE lets you drill down into comp sets with surgical precision to make sure you’re appraising every vehicle for its high authentic value. 

VINCUE sources VIN-specific build data from other data providers to enhance the appraisal with surgical precision. VINCUE’s build data includes a mix of OEM-Certified build data and engineered build data, including OEM-Certified Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Honda, and Acura.

The VINCUE Value Rank™ is a proprietary, dynamic, algorithmic grade applied to each vehicle based on a complex comparison of live market data. The Value Rank updates with your market in real time based on metrics like actual vehicle history and options, market day supply, sales volume, and turn.

We live in a mobile-first world, but most appraisal apps are lighter versions of their full-service desktop tools. We don’t believe in sacrificing value for convenience. VINCUE’s Mobile Appraisal App is mirrors our full appraisal tool with all the same filters, tools, and options. 



Appraisal & Market Pricing is just part of VINCUE. VINCUE unifies every step of the inventory lifecycle in a single system.

One platform to Achieve highest authentic value for every vehicle


Coordinated inventory operations, moving as one.

Intelligent Buying Plan, Market Analytics


Know it all and source everywhere.

Appraisal, Inventory Acquisition & Sourcing


Beat the market by selling on value, not price alone.

Market Pricing, Merchandizing, Syndication


Meet the right buyer with the right car.

Websites, Digital Advertising

“VINCUE has been the biggest lift in our used car operation, allowing us to make critical decisions that maximize our success. If you have the right people and tools, and you’re willing to reach instead of grasp, you’ll be unstoppable. VINCUE makes us unstoppable.”

Hugh Palmer, Director of Used Car Operations
Beaver Toyota of Cumming, Atlanta, GA

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Our Dealers Can’t Stay Quiet on Google

Excellent product with incredible service. We use VINCUE for our 9 dealerships. Their inventory management system, appraisal software and buying tools are first class. Highly recommend.

Jason Bayless



 We found the team at VINCUE has been both proactive and responsive to our requests and changes in the marketplace. Their team has been amazing to work with and the tools and reports are very easy to use and customize. I would recommend VINCUE to anyone that is looking to have powerful inventory software tool.

Peter Larson

Director of Sales

Manchester Honda
Clear Automotive
Manchester, CT

If you are scared of change, don’t be! All your competitors are using the same tools you are. We find that VINCUE does everything we could do with our old program plus it’s easier to use.

Andy Carr

General Manager

Jack Schmitt Ford
Jack Schmitt Group
Collinsville, IL

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