Tailoring Your Vehicle Descriptions for Your Customer and for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Published On: April 11th, 2024Categories: Technology


There is a lot of debate around what makes a “good” vehicle description. Do consumers even read those things anymore? Don’t they just look at pictures and feature lists for details about the car?

While we may not always know if your potential buyer reads the full description, we KNOW that Google and other search engines DEFINITELY read the full description so they know how to prioritize your webpage for consumers. So with that in mind…


A good vehicle description will appeal to the consumer reading the description AND to the search engine determining the relevance of your VDP to the consumer searching on Google, Bing, etc. The good news is that what the consumer wants to know about the car and what Google likes to see are pretty well aligned.

According to Google, their search algorithm prioritizes pages with the following:

  • “Keywords that people would use to look for your content” *
  • “Substantial, complete, or comprehensive descriptions” *
  • “Value and originality beyond other similar web pages” **
  • “Insightful analysis or interesting information beyond the obvious” **

So let’s break down how a VDP can fulfill each of these items:

“Keywords that people would use to look for your content” *

In the case of a vehicle description, these keywords could include any of the following vehicle-specific information:

  • Year, Make, Model, Trim
  • Build Data
  • Features and Options
  • Low mileage
  • High MPG
  • Warranties
  • History
  • One owner
  • Color

To ensure you can include any or ALL of that information in your vehicle descriptions, VINCUE allows you to set up a template that will automatically populate with that VIN-specific information for each and every vehicle added to your inventory.

“Substantial, complete, or comprehensive descriptions” *

Beyond those specifications unique to your VIN, this could include additional value added to the vehicle by your dealership, such as: 

  • Dealer Features, like guarantees, certifications, and benefits offered to all customers.
  • Reconditioning & Recent Service, including work done and $$$ value to the consumer.
  • Dealership information, such as location, financing options, and anything else that makes your dealership unique.

The VINCUE Description Builder will automatically pull Dealer Features, Reconditioning done to each specific vehicle, and any dealership information you want to share into each description.

“Value and originality beyond other similar webpages” **

To add originality and ignite the imagination of your consumer, the VINCUE Description Builder also offers the ability to use unique AI-generated, VIN-specific descriptions surrounding your unique vehicle and the value it has to offer. 

These natural language descriptions can help your consumer envision themselves in a powerful speed demon of a sports car, enjoying the blend of style and performance of a grand tourer, or harnessing the muscle of a heavy duty diesel truck. 

“Insightful analysis or interesting information beyond the obvious” **

On top of AI-generated descriptions, VINCUE can also automatically deploy AI to describe your VIN-specific Top 5 Features, as identified by ChromeⓇ Data, in natural language that will help your consumer envision the exact benefits that each of your vehicle’s top features offers to them. 

These natural language descriptions can help your consumers understand the comfort afforded by your vehicle’s automatic safety features, the convenience of ApplePlay connectivity, or the roadtrips they can take with configurable bucket seats.

By the same token, because these are the top 5 most sought after features by consumers, you are including even more keywords for search engines to match to consumers! 

Conclusion: Optimize your online presence

Crafting effective vehicle descriptions is not just about engaging potential buyers but also about optimizing your online presence for search engines. With VINCUE’s Description Builder, you can effortlessly and AUTOMATICALLY create comprehensive, SEO-friendly descriptions that showcase your vehicles’ unique features and benefits. By leveraging AI-generated content and VIN-specific details, you can stand out from the competition and attract more qualified leads.

Ready to elevate your online listings with compelling vehicle descriptions? Contact a VINCUE Performance Manager today to learn more about how you can automate and enhance your vehicle descriptions to drive more sales and improve your dealership’s online visibility. With their expertise and VINCUE’s powerful tools, you can create impactful descriptions that resonate with buyers and search engines alike.


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