11 Reasons Why Top Dealerships Choose VinCue

The car market has changed forever. Buyers are smarter, competitors are better-funded, and online sites are turning dealerships into commodities. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The best dealers are adapting to this new world — and succeeding.

Here are 11 reasons why top dealerships are switching to VinCue:


1. Better Data = Better Insights

Better data is critical to your success as a modern dealership. Other tools only use data from third-party sites, giving you an inaccurate and incomplete picture of your market.

VinCue’s data comes directly from 40,000 dealership websites, tracking 7 million vehicles in real time. Get better insights into your local market to make better decisions.

2. Inventory Optimization

Thanks to better data, VinCue empowers you to stock the right inventory, avoid bad deals, increase front-end profits, and sell more cars. The best dealerships don’t cut price — they optimize their inventory.

Pent-up demand is growing. VinCue ensures you have the right cars on your lot.

VinCue platform

3. Beyond Market-Based Pricing

VinCue is powered by advanced market- based pricing technology, but that’s just the start. Streamline your operations with VinCue’s all-in-one platform: Inventory Management & Optimization, Appraisal, Auction Sourcing, Precision Advertising, and World-Class Websites.

4. Pay Less for More

Other tools, like vAuto, use brand recognition to charge dealerships a hefty premium. Skip the premium price and still get a premium product. Dealers who switch from vAuto to VinCue regularly see their monthly bill cut by 30-60%.

5. Better Syndication

Most inventory tools only syndicate out your vehicles’ basic features and options, turning your inventory into a commodity and forcing you to compete on price. With VinCue, each vehicle earns its full, authentic value.

VinCue’s best-in-class syndication captures all of your vehicles’ features and options, so that when you syndicate out to third-party sites, you earn every penny you deserve.

6. Precision Advertising

Third-party sites have become more expensive and less effective at generating leads. Build your brand and bring customers you with AdCue (a VinCue add-on).

Automatically create digital inventory ads to target customers who are ready to buy and in the market for vehicles you have in stock. Then send leads straight to your website, not to a third-party.

VinCue customers map
VinCue powers over 1000 users nationwide.

7. Ease-of-Use

VinCue’s intuitive functionality and all-in-one design make it easy to learn and use. With thorough training and excellent customer support, most VinCue customers see 100% employee adoption in a matter of weeks.

8. Out-Smart Competitors

Poach reports and real-time competitor inventory data keeps you up-to-date on everything going on in your market and beyond. Carve out a profitable niche or compete head-to-head. Either way, VinCue gives you a leg-up on the competition.

9. Improve Turn Rate

VinCue helps you identify best-selling vehicles based on your dealership’s sales history and your market’s supply/demand. Don’t guess on your next auction trip — make data-driven decisions and sell cars faster.

10. Increase Front-End Profits

Stop competing on price and start winning on value. Increase front-end profits by optimizing your inventory, streamlining lead generation, and earning more on each vehicle.

11. Built By Dealers — For Dealers

Before we were in the tech business, we were in the car business. That’s why our mission is to empower dealers with the tools, data, and access they need to thrive in today’s world. Other tools, owned by international conglomerates, have different priorities.



“VinCue has made our processes run much more quickly and smoothly than vAuto. We’re able to maintain our front-end gross because of the cars that VinCue tells us not to buy. The way they’ve designed the inventory dashboard is just brilliant. Our turn rate improved from 50-60 days to 32-36 days.”

– Jacob Tice, Director of Digital Operations, South Tacoma Auto

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Matt Ford

“VinCue delivers the information and insights I need to fully understand my market. Knowing what my competitors are buying and selling uncovers opportunities I might otherwise miss. They are always improving and innovating and they are consistently responsive to my needs as a customer.”

– Ryan Matt, Owner and Dealer Principle, Matt Ford



“I’ve been in the business for 24 years and no other single product has had the impact that VinCue has had on our business.”

– Craig Martin, Partner, Randy Curnow Buick GMC 


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