Faith’s Toyota/Ford Recognized as one of the Fastest Growing Toyota Stores two years running Positions VINCUE as their Strategic Platform.

Bill Goulette is no stranger to automotive retail. With over two decades of experience, Bill gained valuable knowledge while working at a major metro auto group in New England. Bill seized the opportunity to run his own dealership when he became general manager of Faith’s Toyota/Ford franchise in 2019. His dealership is now selling 225 cars per month.

Bill Goulette drove his dealership’s growth by first rebuilding marketing and the internet Business Development Center, then by combining sales and service under the same leadership team. Bill then moved all “out-sourced” functions inhouse. He empowered the team by giving them access to data, and in so doing, he was able to simplify the entire car buying and selling process for employees and customers alike. Bill is focused on customer satisfaction and retention by getting the customers in the door every six months to service their vehicles and reaching out to customers every 12 – 18 months to sell them a newer vehicle. His team removed the friction from the sale and made it easier for customers to buy cars, so in return customers regularly refer friends and family to Faith’s Auto.

Expanding beyond their local Vermont area, they are serving the broader New England market driving substantial growth in volume, gross and turn facilitating their current dealership expansion. In January 2022, they deployed VINCUE Vehicle Buying Center to fuel further growth

Extending Marketing Footprint

Serving a local community of 3,000 people is no longer a limiting factor as Faith’s Toyota/Ford expanded their outreach to the entire New England area including New York City and Boston. “We pick up the trade while delivering the replacement at no charge and even pick up a car for free when sellers are not buying from us,” says Bill.

The VINCUE Vehicle Buying Center solution for vehicle acquisition and selling expands Faith’s reach to a much larger audience in the millions than the traditional approach of serving the local community. VINCUE technology is the foundation of this business strategy. “We were selling on average 65 used cars per month,” says Bill. “In March and April 2022, that number jumped to 133 used cars sold per month,” he continues. “The only change we made since January 2022 was deploying VINCUE.”

Building the Business with VINCUE

In researching new technology offerings as a way to buy more cars to meet their growing demand, Faith’s Toyota/Ford focused on finding a solution that met their “what if” goal – what if I could buy 40 to 50 cars a month without the auction? “I was looking for a better mousetrap where we could be more efficient which means we can be more profitable,” says Bill. Having a single, integrated platform from VINCUE, managing inventory, sales and operations streamlined the customer experience. This has led to higher customer satisfaction, larger inventory, and the ability to compete outside their small Vermont location. “Our Business Development Center is crushing it with VINCUE,” says Bill. “When we message customers from VINCUE Vehicle Buying Center the engagement is through the roof, it’s more than double the engagement from the CRM,” Bill continues. “We made the decision to go all in by dedicating a few resources on vehicle acquisition and it’s paid off big for us.”

Future Investments in VINCUE for Continued Success

The roadmap for Faith’s Toyota/Ford is clear. Bill is in the process of training a Used Car Manager to work full-time on VINCUE Vehicle Buying Center to focus exclusively on buying and selling within the platform to maximize their potential as a fast growing dealership. “Buying cars is critical to our success and VINCUE makes that happen quickly and saves us tons of money by eliminating auctions as a primary acquisition source,” says Bill. “With VINCUE we are more efficient, which makes us more profitable.”