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VINCUE is building the future of retail automotive software solutions supercharged by data and driven by intelligent automation. We are committed to your success in the ever changing automotive industry.

Learning From Each Other

Todd Caputo - "The Used Car King": Treating his dealers like royalty

Dealers need cars. One of the most important things dealers can do is build a department focused on consumer acquisition.

Todd Caputo

President Todd Caputo Consulting

Bill Cole Automall Fuels Innovation with VINCUE

 “VINCUE provides one platform, one dashboard to make everything seamless for my agents. My agents focus on understanding how to use VINCUE, not a dozen other systems, and that makes them all more productive.” — Jennifer Taylor, Director of BDC.

Jason Cole

Executive Vice President  Bill Cole Automall

Jennifer Taylor

Director of BDC,  Bill Cole Automall

Using Data to Pivot from Auctions to PPA with VINCUE

“It’s been a complete game changer for us. We’re buying cars off the street now instead of at auction.”

Ray Clark

Byerly Ford in Louisville, KY.


“The inventory and market pricing data that VINCUE provides allows me to be in the best position to attract a buyer.”

Walt White

OWNER & GENERAL MANAGER –  Moneyball Motors in Beebe, AR.


“There’s just no ambiguity with VINCUE. That gives me a lot more confidence in my buying process. The data is right there, it’s easy to read.”

Matt Bailey

DEALER PRINCIPAL – TXG Automotive in Sioux Falls, SD

extending market footprint

“We were selling on average 65 used cars per month. In March and April 2022, that number jumped to 133 used cars sold per month. The only change we made since January 2022 was deploying VINCUE.”

Bill Goulette

GENERAL MANAGER –  Faith’s Ford in Westminster, VT.

Inventory Acquisition Focus on PPA

“2021 was a record year. We purchased more units off the street than ever before thanks to the VINCUE Vehicle Buying Center.”

Dan Donegan

OWNER & GENERAL MANAGER –  Topsfield Motor Co. in Topsfield, MA.

Delivering Dramatic Results

“With VINCUE, we’re converting around 12% of our outbound leads and nearly 22% of our inbound. That’s allowed each of our buying agents to purchase between 20-30 vehicles a month.”

Danny Zaslavsky

GENERAL MANAGER –  Country Hill Motors

The end of auction dependence

“After just 9 months using VINCUE Vehicle Buying Center Bob Ruth Ford went from buying 20 cars a month to over 200 cars a month from the public – saving time, money, and increasing gross + turn.”

Rob Ruth

PRESIDENT & CEO –  Bob Ruth Ford in Dillsburg, PA.

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