Inventory Syndication for Facebook & Google

Facebook and Google are on a mission to create their own internets, meaning they never want you to leave their sites. That might not sound like great news for your web traffic, but if you’re willing to help them they are happy to help you.

When you setup inventory syndication for Facebook and Google, you give them exactly what they want – content to keep users on their site. In return, Facebook and Google puts your inventory in front of the most likely buyers – especially when you’re supercharging your inventory with digital advertising or VINCUE Boost™.

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How Inventory Syndication Works

Inventory Management Feed

Whether you’re using VINCUE Inventory Management or some other solution, it all starts with the data. Inventory Syndication only works when you have quality photos, descriptions, and the right options selected. 

When you know your inventory management system is up-to-date, VINCUE sets up an inventory feed using a bunch of sophisticated data and connectors so that any changes in your inventory is immediately reflected wherever your inventory is visible. 

Facebook Inventory Tab & AIA

Inventory Syndication for the Facebook Inventory Tab is Facebook’s preferred method for marketing retail vehicles. Just like any other retail Facebook Page, inventory displays on a neat tab that allows users to filter, search, and ultimately contact your dealership. 

With the Inventory Tab, you also have the ability to supercharge your digital presence with Automotive Inventory Advertising (AIA). AIA allows you to deliver Facebook and Instagram Ads to the most likely buyers, including in the Facebook Marketplace. 

Facebook recently made some changes to how inventory can be displayed. For example, beginning October 2021, vehicles cannot automatically be pushed into the Facebook Marketplace. For more information on these changes and what to do next, read our blog: Adjusting to Facebook’s New Automotive Inventory Ads Strategy.

Google My Business Inventory

Inventory Syndication for Google allows you to embed your inventory directly into your Google My Business (GMB) profile. This means shoppers can see your entire inventory without leaving Google, but more importantly it means that your business is indexed and discoverable to shoppers looking for any make/model that you have in stock. 

Google Search Ads

With your inventory listed in Google My Business, you can also now utilize Google Ads to automatically run Google Search Ads. This means that when shoppers Google a specific make/model, your inventory will be displayed along the top of the search results giving you more visibility and generating more leads by more likely buyers. 

There are a lot of great agencies and advertising partners in our industry, and many dealers even manage their digital ads in house with a lot of success. But, if you’re looking for a little help with your Facebook Automotive Inventory Advertising or Google Search Ads related to inventory syndication, check out our product VINCUE Boost™

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Whether you are using VINCUE Inventory Management, the Vehicle Buying Center, or VINCUE Boost – or if you’re not even a VINCUE customer at all – we can set up your inventory syndication in as little as a week. Contact us to get started!


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