Big Dealer Solutions for Independent Dealerships

There are more than 40k independent dealerships in the United States, competing in a world where software, consulting, and sophisticated digital marketing are essential to running a modern, profitable business. These tools are usually too expensive for many small and midsize dealerships, requiring dealers to do a lot more with a lot less. At least until now!

VINCUE offers inventory solutions at scale, meaning the scope and costs of our software and services are right-sized for any small, medium, or large independent dealership. No matter your size, you can afford to take advantage of our most advanced technology and experience.

Supercharge Your Independent Dealership

Being an independent dealership means taking fewer risks with new processes, people, or technology. You need to know what to expect and you measure everything against the bottom-line, there’s just less margin for error when every transaction has a direct impact on your bottom line. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of big dealer solutions, right-sized to fit your independent dealership. 

Most independent dealerships rely heavily on auction sourcing to keep inventory on their lot. That usually means a lot of hot and cold days standing in the lane waiting to compete with other dealers for cars you don’t know for sure you actually want. 

VINCUE’s Auction Sourcing offers a true digital auction experience for Manheim, OVE, ADESA, and other independent auctions that lets you buy better and keeps you at the dealership. 

If you look around at your biggest competitors, they aren’t really the used car lots at the nearest Ford or GM dealership – they’re the Vroom-ana-maxes of the world. And they’re not getting their inventory from the auction, they’re buying it directly from the public. 

VINCUE’s Vehicle Buying Center VBC™ was built specifically by and for independent dealers to help you buy cars from the public. Through inbound lead generation and aggregated private-seller listings, the VBC offers an effective CRM for private-party acquisition. 

Most independent dealers have always relied on book values and intuition to appraise vehicles and make pricing decisions. That method may have worked for years, but books and intuition just can’t keep up with nation-wide inventory shortages, global market disruptions, and the collective buying power of Vroom-ana-max. 

Thriving as an independent dealer means maximizing every dollar, and you can’t do that if you’re paying too much or selling too low. VINCUE’s Market Pricing doesn’t just include books like KBB and Black Book, it shows real-time inventory availability, pricing, and recent sales in your market – so you know what to pay and how much you can actually sell. 

Inventory Management is maybe more important for an independent dealership than it is for anyone else. Dealing in used cars is highly competitive so every photo, line of description, and feature is critical to elevating your inventory above other vehicles. 

VINCUE offers the industry’s most modern and sophisticated Inventory Management solution, complete with inventory syndication and original factory stickers, to let you compete on value, reduce days on lot, and make better decisions. 

Third-party market places and consumer-centric technology has driven vehicle research, price comparisons, and lead generation online. Even the best sales team in the world can’t be successful without converting online visitors into in-store customers.

Built on top of industry-leading Inventory Management, our Dealer Website offer beautifully designed and highly optimized digital showrooms that starts and convert conversations between your dealership and website visitors.

A lot of independent dealerships look to freelance marketing and advertising consultants to help with their digital ads because they think they can’t afford a big agency or a full-time person, or they think it’s too complicated to understand. 

VINCUE Boost™ offers you the bests of all worlds. Full control and visibility of managing digital ads yourself, the experience of expert digital marketers, and the intelligence of algorithms proven to deliver ads when they’re needed and to the people most likely to be shopping. 

Special Pricing for Smaller Independent Dealerships

Pricing can be a significant barrier for smaller independent dealers to purchase software and technology, regardless of the expected ROI. That’s why VINCUE offers special pricing for our Inventory Management solution for independent dealers with fewer than 75 retail units per month!

Inventory Management
Dealer Website

Prices Start at $999/mo

Pricing includes Auction Sourcing + Market Pricing + Inventory Management + Website, but does not include the Vehicle Buying Center VBC™. Other exclusions or considerations may apply, Schedule a Demo to ask for details. 

Big Dealer Solutions for Independent Dealerships

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We get it, change is hard. But when you think about getting rid of multiple systems and replacing them with better data and better tools, maybe it’s worth a look. Let us give you a free demonstration of VINCUE and show you what your world could look like. 


Created by dealers, for dealers, VINCUE is based on data and built for the modern automotive industry. 

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