Watch #VINCUEaccelerate LIVE with Fred & Lou from Car Guy Coffee

Fred Lennartz and Lou Ramirez are the solutionaries behind Car Guy Coffee Podcast, one of the auto industry’s most forward-thinking and innovative thought leadership sources. During this special #TeamVINCUE #VINCUEAccelerate LIVE, they brew solutions with our own Danny Zaslavsky, and talk about how to caffeinate the culture at your dealership to prepare for the future.

With decades of experience in the dealership, a deep passion for innovation, and fueled by positivity and self-enlightenment, Fred & Lou teach dealerships how to #ForgiveFocusFly and brew new solutions for the future. For them, success is about adaptability and using unity to fortify us as individuals and teams. Honor and positivity is the way forward for the entire industry, creating a path into the future.

#VINCUEaccelerate is a program #bydealersfordealers to share ideas, innovate solutions, and connect with other industry partners, vendors, and dealers to solve the challenges facing #automotiveretail. Click Here to join VINCUE Accelerate.


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Watch #VINCUEaccelerate LIVE with Fred & Lou from Car Guy Coffee

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