The Dealer’s Guide to DealerSocket

NOTE: We have no affiliation with DealerSocket, nor do we earn anything for publishing this guide. Our goal is to provide objective, data-based information for dealers to make better decisions. 

DealerSocket is one of the most popular automotive dealer management systems (DMS) on the market. With tools for both franchise and independent/BHPH dealers, DealerSocket claims to be in over 10,000 rooftops across the country.

Are you considering a switch to DealerSocket? In this Dealer’s Guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the DMS, from features and cost to resources and customer service.

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What is DealerSocket?

DealerSocket is a DMS that wraps several auto dealer tools into one package. According to their website, DealerSocket’s mission is:

“To Drive the Future of Automotive by Simplifying the Experience for our Customers and Partners with a Suite of Seamlessly Integrated Products”

DealerSocket lives up to their mission by providing one of the largest suites of tools in the industry. They have products for virtually every need and have made a string of acquisitions to expand their capabilities even further.

DealerSocket Tools and Features

The DealerSocket suite offers six core tools for auto dealers:

Dealersocket tools and features.

  1. CRM. DealerSocket’s CRM has all the features your sales team needs to collect and close leads. It contains tools for internet lead management, mobile sales, and analytics for sales teams.
  2. Inventory management. In 2015, DealerSocket acquired Inventory+ to expand their inventory management capabilities. The inventory management suite includes real-time market data, car appraisals, and of course, inventory management.
  3. Sales and Marketing. DealerSocket offers a wide variety of marketing and sales tools that automate the customer acquisition process and support your growing sales team.
  4. Website management. DealerFire is a responsive website builder that allows dealers to connect their digital showroom to their actual showroom. It also comes with social media and content marketing tools to help dealers grow their audience.
  5. Service. Dealers can manage their service departments with DealerSocket’s fleet of service tools. Features include mobile check-in, service scheduler, and service marketing.
  6. Equity mining. According to DealerSocket, “Revenue Radar constantly searches your DMS for customers in a favorable position to spend money at your dealership.” DealerSocket maximizes your marketing efforts by connecting with customers when they’re ready to shop.

One missing tool from DealerSocket’s fleet is customized ads for car listings. Luckily, dealers can use a tool like AdCue in conjunction with DealerSocket to boost their advertising efforts.

Evaluate Your Dealership’s Needs

DealerSocket is a powerful tool with a lot of capabilities. That’s exactly why you should start by first evaluating your dealership’s needs. Otherwise, you’re likely to identify solutions to problems you don’t have.

Begin the process by putting together a small team of employees. Be sure each department is represented. Talk through these questions and record your findings:

  1. What tools do we currently use for inventory, sales, financing, and servicing?
  2. What is the biggest challenge/headache in your day-to-day work?
  3. How much time, money, or sanity could we save by eliminating that problem?
  4. Could we solve this problem with our existing set of tools?
  5. After considering all the problems, which ones should be the priority? Why?

With your priorities set, you can then contact DealerSocket to discuss specific solutions for your needs.

DealerSocket Cost and Budgeting

One of the first questions on everyone’s mind when assessing a new tool is, “How much does it cost?” With DealerSocket, the only way to get an accurate price is to request a quote. However, here are some things you should know.

First, DealerSocket costs more than the average DMS. According to Capterra, DealerSocket starts at $750/month. That falls in the 80th percentile of costs for DMS’s (based on 185 reviews on G2 Crowd).


Monthly costs can quickly get into the thousands depending on the size of your dealership and your needs. Be sure to do a full evaluation of your dealership before requesting a demo. That way you can ask for, and receive, an accurate quote.

Customer Service and Training

Let’s start this section with a caveat: Our only source of information on DealerSocket’s customer support comes from online reviews. These reviews tend to vary widely, but we have tried to pull out the common themes.

It’s also important to remember that companies can change. CDK, for example, recently revamped their customer service department after years of complaints and bad reviews.

That said, customer service seems to be a weak point for DealerSocket. While their most recent Capterra review praises their support team, there are many more negative reviews from customers receiving poor service.

Here’s the most recent positive review of DealerSocket’s customer service:

“The support for all of the different products is the best I have ever experienced. There is no such thing as opening a case and waiting a week until you have to reach back out again and remind them about it.”

Here’s a negative review that represents several others like it:

“Customer support is difficult to reach. They have several barriers in place to actually reach a real person. The customer service agent is not always very understanding of an issue, and this can cost a lot of money.”

Despite their lackluster customer service (or perhaps because of it?), DealerSocket has an expansive set of online resources called DealerSocket University. They offer online webinars and guides for self-sufficient dealers who want to find the answers themselves.

Self-learning might be necessary if you have a hard time reaching customer service. Regardless, most reviews say that DealerSocket is easy to use once you get used to it.

Is DealerSocket Right For You?

DealerSocket is a popular DMS used by thousands of dealers around the country. They have tools for almost all your dealership needs, from sales to marketing to inventory and more. You can use their entire fleet, or pick-and-choose only the features you need.

When assessing DealerSocket, start by evaluating your dealership’s needs. It’s also helpful to explore other tools on the market. Check out all of our Dealer Guides for popular auto dealer tools:

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Good luck!



The Dealer’s Guide to DealerSocket

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