Byerly Improves Profit Margins Using Data to Pivot from Auctions to PPA with VINCUE

Established in Louisville in 1945, Byerly Auto Group is a family owned and operated dealership serving the Kentucky and Indiana regions. Customers have always come first at Byerly, which is why the dealership goes the extra mile to provide a vast selection of new and used vehicles, exceptional car care, and customer service with a smile. 

Ray Clark — Byerly Ford

When the Check Engine Light Came On

Ray Clark’s been in the car business for 15 years. For the majority of that, he’s been buying cars. Now, he heads the Vehicle Buying Center at Byerly Ford in Louisville. 

“When I first started, we were trying to buy cars at the auction,” Clark explained. “Now, the car market is smaller and cars at the auction are just too expensive.” 

Clark knew there had to be a better way to increase his inventory without paying extra. 

That’s when Clark was introduced to VINCUE’s Vehicle Buying Center™.

Running Better with VINCUE

Byerly sources cars within a 40-mile radius of Louisville and Clark says the VBC has enabled them to purchase an average of 20 cars a month at fair market value.

Clark says his favorite part about the VBC is how easy the platform is to use. 

“I can see pictures of each car, the miles, and what they’re asking, and that just makes the whole process much more efficient,” Clark said. “We check that against Kelly Bluebook, and if it’s within the right price range, we’ll extend an offer to them. It’s just made a world of difference for us. We can get to people faster than ever before.”

VINCUE also alerts when prices on cars fluctuate, which has helped Byerly keep better track of data, allowing them to move on vehicles when the price point is right.

Five Star Service

“Everyone[The Customers] we’ve dealt with through the VBC have been honest about the condition of their car, and what it’s worth,” Clark explained. “We haven’t changed our offers for any vehicle to date, and we’ve just had a great experience buying cars off the street. We’re trying to make sure people are really happy, and so far, everyone seems to be smiling. Especially when  [I hand them] their check.” 

In fact, a number of the customers who sold a car to Byerly through the VBC were so happy with the overall process that they chose to come back and purchase their next vehicle from the dealership. 

With valuable insights and data from VINCUE at their fingertips, Byerly Auto Group is able to make better business decisions. It’s also helped them edge ahead of their local competition.

“We’ve been able to pivot this year and get ahead of our competitors,” Clark said. “VINCUE has helped us better understand our market and the value of our inventory. We’re excited for what the future holds.”