The Top 5 Reasons You’ll Win with VINCUE

By Zak Khalemsky, Vice President of Sales at VINCUE

What sets VINCUE apart from the rest is that we’re a fully integrated platform built by dealers for dealers. 

Because of our unique insight into the industry, we’re focused on creating solutions to the problems impacting dealers daily — used car shortages, emerging large-scale competitors, and technical solutions that don’t meet the dealership’s current needs

Our end-to-end inventory platform evolves to fit the needs of each dealer, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that lead to big wins.

Here are the top 5 reasons your dealership will win with VINCUE:

VINCUE eliminates the need to jump from tool to tool and streamlines processes so you can share insights your service department needs to get started immediately. From condition reports, appraisal inspections, historical reconditioning data, and the service you perform on your car, you now have the power to choose what you share with your sales team and your consumers through real-time connected merchandising on AND across partner sites. With VINCUE, the power of a strong VDP is yours, so you can increase the value of your car above and beyond the price and — stop the race to the bottom.

Real-time market conditions, competitive vehicle sets, and pricing data for any market YOU define give you live insights to win and conquer.  All of this is integrated into one modern, robust system that empowers your team to be agile and price to achieve every car’s highest value. VINCUE Boost uses your car’s specific data to target the customers that want exactly what you are selling, and you see VDPs, Leads, and results LIVE. VINCUE knows the scarcity of every car in your inventory —it has the power to cut days to market on even the most challenging vehicles to sell.

VINCUE tracks every appraisal, acquisition, and sale at your dealership. It simultaneously tracks important market influences affecting your sales and acquisitions. By combining those market influences with your activities, you have the BRAIN of VINCUE: The Buying Plan, where you can aim directly at private party listings and connect with real sellers with no transaction fees. Zero.

Our VBC (Vehicle Buying Center) pulls private party opportunities directly into VINCUE from places like FB Marketplace, Craig’s List, Cargurus, and Auto Trader for you to talk to and convert into buys, now and in one place

Additionally, you can leverage the power of your Buying Center to bid on customer trades, service drive offers, and off-the-street buys. Make single-price offers or offer ranges — you’re in the driver’s seat. VINCUE opens up a brand new channel of leads to add to your opportunities that work best for YOUR business profitability and gives you a customized view of everything that’s happening in the market from a private party perspective, so you always know how you are competing.

VINCUE has the most comprehensive, precise market data so that you know a car’s real value to your business. Better market visibility means more control and profitability

With more granular filters and a more comprehensive vehicle history like you’ve never seen before, you have the power to surgically break down competitive sets to identify the truly competitive vehicles affecting your percent-to-markets. 

Track and share everything from acquisition source and channel to reconditioning information – know without a doubt the correct trim and option values and even see the original window sticker data so that you can be confident in your vehicle’s value NOW.

More confidence in your vehicles’ value = more acquisitions and more deals than ever before.

And the number one reason your dealership will win with VINCUE:

With VINCUE PULSE, dealers get real-time updates every time a vehicle is sold, marked pending, or even acquired, providing dealers with real-time data, important trends, and early warning to issues to help them proactively manage trouble spots and keep their teams focused on meeting their goals. And the best part? It’s all available in the palm of your hand or on the digital scoreboard in your dealership, allowing you to ditch the ole whiteboard.

  • Acquisition Pulse: Provides all the metrics you need to inform your team of incoming inventory, fresh trades, and your Vehicle Buying Centers performance, such as connections, appointments, and acquisition conversation rates.

  • Sales Pulse: Provides a scoreboard of information to display live sales counts, pending deals, and each salesperson’s quotas with live tracking to hit goals.

Simply said, you can check the pulse of your business wherever and whenever you want.

By replacing their inventory acquisition, management, and marketing tools with our end-to-end inventory platform, dealerships across the country are able to stock smarter, increase turn, compete effectively, and maximize profits.  

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The Top 5 Reasons You’ll Win with VINCUE

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Created by dealers, for dealers, VINCUE is based on data and built for the modern automotive industry. 

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