NIADA TV Automotive Industry News Features VINCUE VBC

NIADA TV covers the latest independent used vehicle news and provides video content relevant to our dealer members. NIADA brings the industry together for our National Policy Conference, the NIADA Convention, and our NABD Auto Finance and BHPH Expo.

VINCUE’s Danny Zaslavsky was recently featured and interviewed for NIADA TV’s Automotive Industry News for his dealer’s journey to buying more than 100 cars a year from the public using VINCUE’s Vehicle Buying Center VBC.


Veronica Cambis:

For the past year, the short supply and rising cost of inventory has been the biggest issue facing the used vehicle industry. As general manager of Country Hill Motors, an independent dealership in Mission, Kansas, Danny Zaslavsky is dealing with that situation as well. But unlike many other dealers, Zaslavsky was prepared. His dealership has long been focused on vehicle acquisition so much so that Country Hill’s operations included a vehicle buying center with staff dedicated solely to buying inventory from the public. Zaslavsky worked with his partner, Chris Hoke, to develop VINCUE, a technology platform that compiles cars listed by private sellers and there’s a whole lot more. Zaslavsky led education sessions on buying vehicles from the public at the 2021 NIADA Convention and Expo and the NABD Automotive Finance and BHPH Expo. During the convention, he spoke to Automotive Industry News about his acquisition operation, his platform, and his session.

Danny Zaslavsky:

Inventory acquisition, right? This has been a hot topic. We didn’t expect for inventory acquisition to be such a big deal. In some ways it’s a wonderful thing, but what we did is create a solution that brings together private party listings, so Facebook and Autotrader and and Craigslist, anywhere a individual will post their car and gives dealers the ability to see all those cars in one place and then reach out, make really good offers, set the appointments, bring those customers in and solve that problem of acquisition and avoid auction fees, transportation fees, post-sale inspection fees, and gain a customer.

Veronica Cambis:

I hear you’re leading a session tomorrow. So what are you going to be discussing there?

Danny Zaslavsky:

So we call it the road to a hundred cars a month. If you’re a startup vehicle buying center, how to start from a ground game, what you need to do, everything from process and pay plans and obviously technology, but then also if you’re already maybe even a veteran and buying 30 or 40 cars a month from the public, how to scale that to over 100, 200 or more using product, process, people. There’s no better time than now to win at the ground game. Get back in the community and do good business.


NIADA TV Automotive Industry News Features VINCUE VBC

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