DealerCue Introduces AdCue, an Ad Management Tool for Auto Dealers

AdCue uses real-time market data to deliver highly targeted ads and send customers directly to your website.

DealerCue, the creators of VINCUE pricing and appraisal software, has just launched their newest tool for auto dealers called AdCue. AdCue is a programmatic ad tool that gives small and mid-size dealers a better, more affordable way to run online advertising.

Currently, most advertising is done on 3rd party auto retail sites, where small and mid-size dealers are forced to compete against large dealerships. Dealers have little control over the placement and effectiveness of their ads.

DealerCue hopes to change that with AdCue. Using machine learning algorithms, AdCue finds and engages the best audiences for each campaign. Instead of competing with other dealers on 3rd party sites, AdCue publishes directly to the ad exchange using AppNexus, a platform recently acquired by AT&T. This means ads are placed on any website visited by the target customer.

Best of all, AdCue is free to use. Dealers only pay for the customers that land on their website. AdCue also pulls in real-time market data from VINCUE to determine exactly how much a dealer should spend on promoting a car.

“We wanted to create an easier way for dealers to market their cars, and do it for a lot less,” said DealerCue COO Adam Tobias. “AdCue gives small and mid-size dealers to more control over their advertising.”

AdCue is easy to setup and use. Simply connect your website inventory and AdCue will auto-generate dynamic, engaging content for your ads. AdCue is also a great option for those “problem vehicles” that aren’t selling fast enough.

“We hope AdCue gives dealers another shot at retail before resorting to wholesale,” said Tobias.

AdCue is available now. It can be accessed through an existing VINCUE account or as a separate tool. For more information, go to

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DealerCue Introduces AdCue, an Ad Management Tool for Auto Dealers

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