Real-time Sales Data. Anytime, Anywhere.

Monitor the vitals of your dealership on-demand with VINCUE PULSE. Get the latest data in one platform — from acquisitions to sales, sales team history to projections. Included with VINCUE CORE.

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Simply said, VINCUE lets you check the pulse
of your business wherever and whenever you want.

Simply said, VINCUE lets you check the pulse of your business wherever and whenever you want.

PULSE Mobile

Everything you need to know. Wherever you go.

With VINCUE PULSE you can quickly access sales and inventory data while away from your dealership.


Your Team's Scoreboard

Buh-bye, whiteboard.
Hello, Scoreboard.

VINCUE PULSE keeps score for your team, incentivizing strong performance for better outcomes.

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Acquisition Pulse

Provides all the metrics you need to inform your team of incoming inventory, fresh trades and your Vehicle Buying Centers performance such as connections, appointments and acquisition conversation rates.

Sales Pulse

Provides a scoreboard of information to display live sales counts, pending deals as well as each sales persons quota’s with live tracking to hit goals.

High Value Metrics

No more manual tracking thanks to PULSE's customizable in-house and mobile display options.

Number of units

Number of units

Comparison to
previous reporting

Activities by sales rep,
today, this week,
month and historical

Number of units
acquired by rep
and channel

And so much more

Real-Time Notifications

Stay connected with instant notifications.

Set your alerts so you’re notified when your team scores a sale or new acquisition, and you’ll never miss a win! No more phone calls in and out of the dealership for repetitive updates.

PULSE Excites

Amplify your goals. Ignite your sales force.

PULSE allows you to display your team’s photos with each contributor’s own sales numbers, quotas and trends – all updated in real-time to ignite and inspire a fun, professional and competitive culture. Capitalize on the excitement of landing a new deal. Provide visibility to the entire team to motivate them to compete and crush their goals.

Powered by VINCUE

All the data you need at your fingertips.

Only VINCUE makes this innovation possible. All of the data you need is collected and stored securely in the end-to-end VINCUE platform.

Elevate your Pulse

Unite your team with one shared target: Maximizing sales.

at the dealership


or on the go

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Created by dealers, for dealers, VINCUE is based on data and built for the modern automotive industry.

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