VINCUE Trade Network for Dealer-to-Dealer Sales & Acquisitions

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The new VINCUE Trade Network will connect VINCUE dealers to buy and sell directly through VINCUE, creating a true omni-channel sourcing solution

In his pivotal role as the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at VINCUE, Danny Zaslavsky is at the forefront of driving innovation within the automotive industry. Simultaneously, as the Dealer Principal of his family’s generational dealership, Country Hill Motors in Kansas, he brings a wealth of hands-on experience to the table. By seamlessly navigating both roles, Danny ensures that the sharp edge of innovation remains the tip of the sword, enhancing our capabilities at VINCUE and propelling the ongoing progress of Country Hill Motors.

Danny has learned over the years that each dealer has a different need for inventory. With the continued advancement and cutting-edge science that is VINCUE – , we are excited to announce our latest breakthrough —VINCUE Trade Network. This cutting-edge solution empowers dealers on the VINCUE platform to seamlessly buy and sell vehicles directly with other dealers, with the added convenience of a selected shipping partner to facilitate smooth transactions. With VINCUE Trade Network, we aim to redefine collaboration, streamline trade processes, and ultimately enhance the automotive wholesale buying, selling, and trading experiences for all involved parties.

Connecting Dealerships, Empowering Success

VINCUE Trade Network is more than just a platform; it’s a dynamic network that seamlessly connects dealerships, fostering collaboration and efficiency throughout the wholesale buying or selling process. Whether you’re a buyer looking for the perfect inventory or a seller seeking the best deals, VINCUE Trade Network is your gateway to success.

Key Features, Benefits, & ROI

The VINCUE Intention Engine: Fueling Your Success

The VINCUE Intention Engine creates wholesale leads for your inventory at dealerships where your cars are in high demand. Trade Network Buyers enjoy a funnel filled with vehicles tailored to their market, while Trade Network Sellers sell their cars more quickly and profitably.

Seamless Chat Functionality: True Collaboration

Dealers can now chat directly with other dealers around the country and cultivate their own Trade Network for sales and acquisition through VINCUE. Trade Network Buyers and Sellers interact in one centralized location, fostering efficient communication and deals.

Offer Negotiation at Your Fingertips: Win-Win

Conduct and track offer negotiation on a single vehicle or group of vehicles in the VINCUE Trade Network, ensuring a transparent and efficient negotiation process, leading to beneficial outcomes for both parties.

Transparent Inspection Reports: Building Trust

Vehicle buyers can request an inspection, and sellers can quickly share their inspection reports. Gain a complete understanding of a vehicle’s condition, fostering transparency and building trust in every transaction.

Vehicle Photos: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Buyers can request vehicle photos, and sellers can quickly share them, enhancing transparency and allowing buyers to make informed decisions while sellers build trust through visual documentation.

Deal Tracking & Closing: Close Deals with Confidence

Track deals from initiation to finalization for both sales and acquisitions so that you never lose track of a deal, providing confidence to both buyers and sellers throughout the process.

Seamless Transportation: Ship with Confidence

Buyers can use various transportation integrations for quoting and placing orders. Find the best transporter for price and speed, placing orders conveniently where the vehicle is acquired.

In-Group Vehicle Exchange

Initiate inventory package transactions for sale to a better fitting store within your group, so your WHOLE team can win.

Transforming Automotive for the NExt Generation

In a recent collaboration, Danny Zaslavsky, Dealer Principal of Country Hill Motors in Kansas, teamed up with Hugh Palmer, Used Car Director at Beaver Toyota in Cumming, Georgia. Through the VINCUE Trade Network, Hugh effortlessly acquired eight cars from Danny’s dealership in Kansas. Adding to the simplicity, with just a click, Hugh selected a transportation provider to ship the cars from Kansas to Georgia.

VINCUE Trade Network isn’t just a great new feature, it’s a transformative force that enhances how dealerships handle trades. Experience improved efficiency, transparency, and profitability. Join us in shaping the future of the automotive industry.

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Our Dealers Can’t Stay Quiet on Google

Excellent product with incredible service. We use VINCUE for our 9 dealerships. Their inventory management system, appraisal software and buying tools are first class. Highly recommend.

Jason Bayless



 We found the team at VINCUE has been both proactive and responsive to our requests and changes in the marketplace. Their team has been amazing to work with and the tools and reports are very easy to use and customize. I would recommend VINCUE to anyone that is looking to have powerful inventory software tool.

Peter Larson

Director of Sales

Manchester Honda
Clear Automotive
Manchester, CT

If you are scared of change, don’t be! All your competitors are using the same tools you are. We find that VINCUE does everything we could do with our old program plus it’s easier to use.

Andy Carr

General Manager

Jack Schmitt Ford
Jack Schmitt Group
Collinsville, IL

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