Bid on Inventory Destined to Sell
Using real-time data about recent inventory and sales from your competitors, VINCUE™ helps you create a buying plan focused on inventory you know will sell.
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Data-driven buying strategies

Premium third-party listings are more expensive and less effective every day, even allowing competitors to advertise directly on your vehicle pages. Marketing agencies charge huge fees to manage digital advertising campaigns but still struggle to show ROI.

That’s why we developed Boost™, built by dealers for dealers, to reduce reliance on third-party marketplaces and agencies. Boost™ automatically creates and delivers beautiful digital ads to customers that are ready-to-buy, giving you higher returns on each dollar spent and driving more traffic to your website.

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Under the Hood

Built by dealers, for dealers, VINCUE™ Auction Sourcing gives you access to real-time data for current inventory and pricing, and recent sales in your market, to execute a better buying plan while connected directly to Manheim, OVE, ADESA, and independent auctions.
Compete on Value over Price
Capture and show more information about conditioning, certification, and dealer exclusive benefits.​
Reduce Days to Market
Reduce Days to Market with better visibility and tracking from acquisition to point of sale.​
Identify Bottlenecks
Use real-time data to identify issues and bottlenecks and make smarter decisions for your dealership. ​
Original Factory Sticker
Reference Original Factory Window Stickers to verify options and features on 3m+ vehicles.

Auction Sourcing with Boost™

VINCUE™ Auction Sourcing is even more powerful when combined with Boost™, our powerful digital advertising platform that automates ad creation, targeting, and placement.