TXG Automotive Leaves Ambiguity for Clear, Trusted Data in VINCUE’s Modern End-to-End System

TXG Automotive started in 2019 with humble beginnings as a “small lot with big dreams” in Hartford, South Dakota. Offering a blend of both everyday commuter vehicles along with passion cars, they knew they’d need to find the cleanest, best-condition vehicles around. That means spending a lot of time scouring auctions and listings across the country for the best of the best. Now as a growing dealership in Sioux Falls, TXG Automotive Dealer Principal Matt Bailey and General Sales Manager Chris Kelly were ready to shift away from outdated industry-standard processes tied to software and modernize with VINCUE’s real-time, trusted data and modern software.

When TXG Automotive General Sales Manager Chris Kelly grew frustrated with their industry-standard inventory management platform he began shopping around for a replacement. After seeing other dealers chat online about their transformative experiences switching to VINCUE, Kelly brought the idea of switching to TXG Dealer Principal, Matt Bailey. “Personally, I was pretty unhappy with vAuto and I was definitely looking for alternatives,” Bailey says. “I was unhappy with both the price and the nature in which vAuto displayed its information. I felt it was heavily biased towards buying its own products. I realized the decisions we were making stemmed from the software — and it was time we challenged our own status quo,” Bailey explains. 

“Other dealers told me what VINCUE does for them relative to what they were paying for it. That got us excited, which is why we went for it,” Chris Kelly says.

Dollars and Sense

“Being a smaller dealership, it’s a lot easier to swallow the price of VINCUE than it was for the established solution we were using, especially if you’re frustrated like we were with the results,” Matt Bailey says. The cost of VINCUE initially piqued their interest but it was the experience of using VINCUE’s CORE solution system that got them hooked. “The user experience and how fast and easy it is to appraise cars and play with numbers; and most importantly, I’m getting better information which drives better results,” Bailey says. “I’m getting better numbers and pricing information from VINCUE without having to try to decipher some proprietary ranking,” he says. The ease-of-use from start to finish has paid off in the dealership’s efficiency.

VINCUE’s intuitive and modern interface cuts down on the frustration and time spent bouncing from tab to tab, website to website.

“We’ve purchased our vehicles significantly better with VINCUE because there’s just no ambiguity with the solution. That gives me a lot more confidence in my buying process. The data is right there, it’s easy to read. There are graphs if you need it and I can drill in when I want.”

Since implementing VINCUE, TXG has now adjusted their buying parameters and have hit their target margins with more accuracy than ever before. “Thanks to VINCUE, we have numbers we can shoot for and project towards and ultimately land on and have been quite accurate. It’s given us quite a bit of consistency as well as allowed us to project and track our profits month over month.”

Building Confidence and Authority, Now Expanding TXG Goals

“Other than my confidence in buying and appraising, it’s given us some tools to talk with consignment customers, giving us some confidence and authority when we say, ‘We think we can sell your car for this price.’ It’s because of VINCUE’s software and what it all does. The comparables it holds, the condition of the vehicle factors and whatever reconditioning comparables might be,” Bailey says. Having access to clear data easily affects how Bailey interacts with customers across the board. 

“Aside from its informative nature, it’s quite a confidence booster. I feel like I can speak with a bit more authority when I’m buying, consigning, or selling,” Bailey continues. The alignment between TXG Automotive’s goals and VINCUE’s solutions platform has the dealership looking to gain an edge in their acquisition capabilities in a tight market. 

“We’re very interested in the Vehicle Buying CenterTM aspect of VINCUE. And that’s probably going to be our next step here because acquiring vehicles in our current market is obviously quite competitive, with prices continually going up. We think the VBCTM will give us a great edge when compared to some of our local competition,” Bailey says.