Pricing Insights that Turn Inventory Faster
Pricing algorithms create a race to the bottom for price and profit, but real-time market data tells a different story.
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Market-Driven Pricing

Pricing algorithms and third-party market places have created downward pressure on the price you think your inventory will sell, but the true market value of a vehicle changes constantly based on volume and availability, time of year, and consumer behaviors. 

VINCUE™ Market Pricing gives you the power to analyze real-time from your market, including your competitors’ volume, pricing, and recent sales, so that you can set the right price for the right vehicle at the right time – for your market. VINCUE™ helps you maximize gross per copy by taking advantage of real-time market activity. 

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Under the Hood

Built by dealers, for dealers, VINCUE™ Market Pricing takes advantage of real-time data about similar inventory volume, pricing, and recent sales, to determine the right price for the right vehicle at the right time – based on actual demand and market conditions. 

Real-time Market Data
See inventory volume, pricing, and sales to set the right price for the right car, at the right time.
Identify Market Opportunties
Find gaps between inventory demand and availability to increase gross per copy.
Ride Market Trends
Find out where the market is going at the moment and outperform your competitors to gain market share.
Lot Turn
Set the right price the first time to reduce days on lot and increase lot turn.

Stop Dropping Prices, Drive More Leads with VINCUE Boost™

What if, instead of dropping your price by $500, you could just spend $200 in digital ads and turn inventory faster. VINCUE Boost™ is our automated digital ads platform built directly into VINCUE.
Market Pricing

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We get it, change is hard. But when you think about getting rid of multiple systems and replacing them with better data and better tools, maybe it’s worth a look. Let us give you a free demonstration of VINCUE and show you what your world could look like. 


Created by dealers, for dealers, VINCUE is based on data and built for the modern automotive industry. 

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Hundreds of Dealers have switched to VINCUE recently because we offer tools and solutions that meet the challenges of today’s markets. Selling cars isn’t magic and it’s never been less of an art. Today’s market is powered by data and your customers know it. To meet them where they are you need smarter tools and smarter systems. We all know where the market is heading, let us help you get there first. 

Don't you want to know why?

The car market has changed forever. Buyers are smarter, competitors are better-funded, and online sites are turning dealerships into commodities. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The best dealers are adapting to this new world — and succeeding.

We know data, and we know you. We know where the game is going and we want to get you there first. VINCUE puts dealers in position to close better deals, stay a step ahead of your competition, and stop racing to the bottom on price and value.

No matter your size or challenges, VINCUE has the data to help you take decisive actions and earn higher gross per vehicle, right now. 

Country Hill Motors
"AdCue has given us a huge amount of reach in our market for a fraction of what it would cost through other channels. That boosted our web traffic immediately and we were able to send better leads to our sales team."

Danny Zaslavsky, Director of Operations
Matt Ford of Kansas City
“Vincue delivers the information and insights I need to fully understand what’s happening in my market. Knowing what my competitors are buying and selling uncovers opportunities I might otherwise miss. Vincue is always improving and innovating and they are consistently responsive to my needs as a customer.”

Ryan Matt, Owner, Dealer Principal
Bob Ruth Ford
“The Vehicle Buying Center has been very effective at capturing private sellers and our move toward better digital retailing. Vincue is the future. The product just keeps growing and evolving with us.”

Bob Ruth, Owner
CTS Auto Sales of Aurora, CO
“You have seconds, maybe a minute to evaluate a vehicle. Being able to pull up one screen, I can see everything I need right there on the spot. [VINCUE] is very easy to use. I don't have to jump around between different tools to find what I need. We’re saving somewhere between 30-50% per month [compared to other tools].”

Kyle Glenn, General Manager