What’s New to VINCUE

New Features & Updates:

We are bringing you the latest and greatest within the VINCUE platform — from brand-new features and products to updates and improvements.

New Feature: Mass Delete Photos

Customer Requested Feature!

Inventory Management customers can now delete multiple photos from their vehicle inventories at once! This also deletes the photo from the VDP on the dealer’s website and any other sites to which VINCUE is syndicating.

Vehicle Appraisal > Photos Icon

Inventory Management and Websites

New Feature: Unique VBC Radiuses

VINCUE Customers can now work with their PM to specify a unique radius for each VBC Outbound lead source indexed by VINCUE.

Customers can also further expand the criteria of their Craig’s List indexing by adding Alt Metro areas.

Feature Update: Own Inventory in Comparables

Customer Requested Capability!

When appraising a vehicle, vehicles in a dealer’s own inventory that meet the requirements for the comparable set will be included in the comparable set of the vehicle being appraised. 

See the example below where Country Hill currently has a 2018 Hyundai Sonata in stock that is automatically included in the competitive set of the Customer Trade Sonata appraisal.

Feature Update: Navigate Appraisal with Unsaved Value Changes

Customer Requested Capability!

Users can now make changes to vehicle appraisal values (Price/Cost/Profit/Position/% of Market), and the values changed will remain when navigating between various tabs, even when the user has not selected Save Changes yet.

Feature Update: Sale Log — Edit Sale Channel

Users can now edit the sale channel in the Sale Log within the Inventory Log.

Feature Update: VINCUE Re \\ Engage Feature Branding

Customers will now see the new VINCUE Re \\ Engage branding across VBC leads.

As well as for vehicles in Inventory (via Inventory Log), where customers will now be able to push messages to Re \\ Engage Leads. 

You can log in to your dashboard to check out these updates today, or for any questions about the latest VINCUE features and updates, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

Stay tuned for the newest releases from VINCUE!



What’s New to VINCUE

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