9 Reasons Why Dealer Groups are Switching to Vincue

Even the largest dealer groups aren’t immune to the challenges of today’s retail market. OEMs, online platforms, and third-party lead providers are all driving down prices — causing your stores to compete on cost instead of value.

Despite this, dealerships have continued to sell cars the same way for years. To help their stores succeed, dealer group principals need to offer them a better strategy. 

The New Strategy for Dealer Groups: Prioritize high gross and high turn with data-driven sourcing, pricing, and inventory management.

Dealers will need the right market intelligence tool to execute this winning strategy. However, not every platform is built to deliver it — in fact, most aren’t. Vincue is different.

With Vincue, we believe in value above and beyond price. Other tools simply encourage you to price lower than your competitors. We help you increase your front-end gross by giving you the tools you need to earn the authentic value of each vehicle.

When you improve the perceived value of your vehicles, your turn improves with it. That’s why we believe you don’t have to compromise margin to increase turn. We help dealer groups stock the right vehicles, get them in front of the right customers, and sell them at a price that’s fair for both parties. 

When it comes to helping modern dealers increase their gross and turn, no other platform compares to Vincue. 

What is Vincue?

This is VinCue

VinCue is a powerful pricing, sourcing, advertising, and inventory optimization tool for new and used car markets. It uses real-time market data from over 40,000 dealership websites to help dealers make better decisions and grow their profits. 

But here’s the best part: Vincue allows users to access all of this information from a single dashboard. From the competitor poach report to local market sales metrics, Vincue gives dealers the actionable insight they need to optimize their inventory, streamline lead generation, and earn more on each vehicle.

9 Reasons Why Dealer Groups are Switching to Vincue


1. Value-Driven Appraisal & Pricing 

Vincue adcue market pricingCompeting on price means missing out on earning a vehicle’s true value. Vincue lets dealers price competitively for their market while still taking into account reconditioning, lifetime warranties, service deals, vehicle history, and vehicle maintenance history. 


2. Inventory Optimization

Vincue helps dealers accelerate turn the right way — by catering to the needs of their market instead of competing on price. It helps dealers identify their highest-grossing inventory and stock more profitably based on their sales history and local market conditions


3. Online Auction Sourcing

vincue vehicle sourcing tool

VinCue includes the ability to directly source, bid, and buy cars at auction directly from your dashboard. It connects you to major and regional auctions nationwide (Like Adesa Auctions) and delivers market-based analytics so you know exactly which vehicles to bid on.


4. Best-in-Class Syndication

When it comes to third-party syndication, many tools only include default descriptions and VIN defined features. Vincue provides dealers with best-in-class syndication that goes beyond the basics. It lets you grab buyers’ attention with high-quality photos, eye-catching superlatives, and custom descriptions — ensuring each vehicle earns its full, authentic value.


5. Precision Advertising

VinCue precision advertising - adcue

AdCue uses inventory data to target local customers actively searching for vehicles you have in stock, then serves them customized ads wherever they are on the web. The best part: Adcue puts dealers back in control of the customer by sending leads straight to your website, not a third party. 


6. All-In-One-Platform

Platforms like vAuto and Max Digital force users to navigate through multiple tools to access all of their features. With Vincue, dealers can seamlessly manage their inventory, bid on vehicles, analyze competitor data, and more, all from a single dashboard.


7. Real-Time Market Data

vincue inventory management

Budget market pricing tools, like Autoniq or Laser Appraiser, rely on inconsistent data from major pricing books like KBB and NADA. VinCue tracks over 40,000 dealership websites and 7 million vehicles in real time. VinCue provide dealers with the most up-to-date information available.


8. Competitive Pricing

Unlike other premium tools, Vincue doesn’t come with a premium price tag. Most dealer groups who make the switch to VinCue see a monthly software savings between 30-50%.


9. Introducing “Enterprise View”

With VinCue’s new Enterprise View, you’ll get a high-level picture of your business, plus the ability to drill down into the results at individual stores. Easily track which stores are thriving, and which need more direction. Either way, you’re in control with Enterprise View.


Choose Vincue today

Large or small, your dealer group’s success is tied to the efforts of each one of your individual stores. Giving your dealers the ability to win on value means they’re earning hundreds of dollars more on each sale. That adds up quickly, no matter how many rooftops you run. 

Give your dealers a winning sales strategy and the tools to compete in today’s ultra-competitive industry. Schedule your free VinCue demo today. 



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