Danny Z on Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast: Sell More Used Car Leads

In the inaugural episode of Season 4,  Danny Zaslavsky, Managing Partner for VinCue and Managing Partner and General Manager at Country Hill Motors, joined Sean V. Bradley and L.A. Williams on the Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast to talk all things engagement, leads, and sales for selling more used cars. 



Tips, Tricks, & Best Practices for Running a Modern Dealership

Watch: VinCue Joins the Selly Automotive Used Car Dealer Podcast

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSQE2jLs9w8 Hosted by Zach Klempf, the Selly Automotive Used Car Dealer Podcast is a must listen for independent and used-car dealers. Recently, Zach sat down with VinCue’s own Danny Zaslavsky to talk all things inventory management in 2021, and specifically how to sell inventory at its highest authentic value.  LISTEN TO MORE SELLY AUTOMOTIVE PODCASTS

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VinCue Accelerate: Target the Right Inventory to Maximize Gross + Turn

https://youtu.be/GQL7a7-x2SM Surviving the current high-demand market is all about keeping cars on the lot. VinCue VBC customers already know that thriving is all about sourcing the right inventory at the right price. But that means different things for different dealers. In this VinCue Accelerate Event, Danny Zaslavsky, VinCue Managing Partner and Dealer Principal at Country

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Watch VinCue Accelerate LIVE: VBC Pay Plans & KPIs

DESIGN VBC PAY PLANS AROUND KPIS THAT LEAD TO BETTER ACQUISITIONS. The automotive industry knows better than almost anyone that compensation drives performance, and that’s just as true on the buying side as it is on the sales side. But compensating your VBC team isn’t the same as your salespeople. For instance, you likely commission

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Danny Z on Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast: Sell More Used Car Leads

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