Turn Rate Improves by 50% at South Tacoma Auto with VINCUE

Washington-based South Tacoma Auto was an early adopter of market-based pricing. As vAuto customers, they were happy with the results… for a while.

As new market-based pricing tools entered the market, South Tacoma realized something: big-name tools like vAuto came with a big price tag. 

That’s when the dealership switched to VINCUE. Now, after two years, they know you don’t need to pay a premium price to get premium results. 

South Tacoma Auto By the Numbers:

  • 2 years as VINCUE customer
  • 50% improvement in inventory turn rate
  • 30 days average turn rate (Down from 50-60 days)

Don’t settle for a big-name tool

When South Tacoma Auto (STA) adopted market-based pricing a few years ago, they went with one of the only platforms available at the time — vAuto. “We didn’t do any market research for the next several years,” explained their Director of Digital Operations Jacob Tice. 

As similar tools entered the market, Tice and his team knew they needed to make a change: “We started looking around and realized we were just using the biggest name brand when a similar tool could handle the work for us.”

Powerful data at a competitive price

An exhaustive search for alternatives eventually brought them to VINCUE. Within two years, it’s completely changed the way STA approaches inventory management. 

“VINCUE has made our processes run much more quickly and smoothly,” Tice said. “The way that they’ve constructed the inventory management dashboard for each individual vehicle is just brilliant.”

That’s a powerful thing, especially when combined with VINCUE’s real-time market data: “It can tell us [for a specific vehicle] that there’s few of them on the market, they’re moving incredibly fast, and your dealership has sold 16 of them in the last 30 days with only 8 left in stock. You need to buy this car. That’s something that vAuto was not able to do.” 

“That’s something that vAuto was not able to do.”

South Tacoma Auto
South Tacoma Auto has improved their inventory turn rate by 50% with VINCUE

Ease of use

Game-changing data wasn’t the only thing that brought STA to VINCUE: “We settled on VINCUE for a couple of different reasons,” said Tice. “One was the price point, which is very competitive, but also its strong user interface. That’s super important because we’re dealing with old car dogs who really appreciate everything being easy to find and use.”

And according to Tice, switching platforms couldn’t have been easier: “It’s so easy to learn. You can go from not knowing anything about it to being an expert in 24 hours. [That includes] the inventory managers, finance managers, and career sales people. VINCUE is so low-friction that getting everybody working on it is easy.”

Accelerate your turn rate

“We get more cars off the lot because we know what our customers are looking for.”

Price and ease-of-use are one thing, but how has VINCUE’s performance stacked up to vAuto? Again, VINCUE exceeded all of Tice’s expectations. 

Tice estimates that with vAuto, STA’s turn rate sat between 50-60 days. Now, thanks to VINCUE’s comprehensive platform, inventory turn has dropped to just 30 days.  

“We get more cars off the lot because we know what our customers are looking for,” Tice said.

Interested in VINCUE doing the same for your dealership at a fraction of the big-name price?

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Turn Rate Improves by 50% at South Tacoma Auto with VINCUE

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