VINCUE Releases Unified Buying Plan with Multi-Channel Acquisition


VINCUE recently released a new Unified Buying Plan that allows automotive retail dealers to evaluate and acquire inventory from multiple sources, including auction, other dealers, and private-party listings.

Kansas City, Missouri. Tuesday, February 22, 2022: DealerCue Automotive Corp. (“VINCUE”), the maker of VINCUE unified inventory lifecycle solutions, announced today the release of a new unified buying plan to help dealers analyze and acquire inventory from any source. The fully automated unified buying plan will consider current inventory levels, recent sales, and market activity to suggest target inventory and prices, and automatically show matching vehicles across multiple acquisition sources, including national, regional, and local auctions, other dealers offering wholesale, and private-party listings.

“The only conversation that’s mattered this year is acquisition,” says Chris Hoke, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of VINCUE, “used car values are at record highs, but none of that matters if you can’t source inventory reliably.” Hoke says there are multiple influences on the market that contributed to inventory shortage, including lack of new car inventory, new car dealerships holding on to more of their trades, and more dealers competing at the auction for less inventory.

“Every dealer in the country right now is diversifying their inventory acquisition strategies by necessity and we’ve been especially well positioned to help dealers scale private-party acquisition,” says Hoke, “but when the auctions and dealer-to-dealer networks will always have a place in inventory sourcing.”

VINCUE’s Vehicle Buying Center VBC is one of the industry’s only solutions focused on private-party acquisition through inbound lead generation and third-party marketplace listing aggregation, and Hoke says they’ve onboarded hundreds of dealers in the last year all who needed to buy more cars. Even so, Hoke says that while private-party acquisition is the most profitable sourcing strategy now, that may change in the future as values come down and new inventory reenters the market.

“That’s why we didn’t stop at just private-party acquisition,” says Hoke, “our unified buying plan is buit to anticipate market changes and help dealers make sure they’re getting the best inventory for the best sources at the best price.” Hoke says that dealers should measure every step of the inventory management lifecycle, from point-of-acquisition to point-of-sale – and use that data to inform and make better decisions about what to buy next. “Buying plans are built on data, not just intuition and experience,” says Hoke, “we know to a very high degree of certainly what you should buy, where you should buy it from, and what it should sell at.” 

This announcement comes in a series of company announcements, new partnerships, and product enhancements from VINCUE, which announced a record year in 2021, more than doubling in employees, revenue, and dealership rooftops. VINCUE, the only software provider to offer unified inventory lifecycle solutions within a single system, plans to continue that growth in 2022 through additional partnerships, industry thought leadership, and investment in product features and capabilities.

VINCUE will be exhibiting at the 2022 NADA Convention & Exhibition, at Booth 5049W in the Main Hall, where you can pre-schedule or walk-in for a meeting or product demonstration with the VINCUE team. During the exhibition, VINCUE will also be welcoming speakers from other partners and featuring its own leaders through a series of mini-breakout sessions.

VINCUE is a privately held company located in Kansas City, Missouri. Its founder and Chief Executive Officer is Chris Hoke, a long-time automotive technology veteran and former software engineering leader at VIN Solutions. The company was founded in 2016 and employs over 50 full-time team members, including sales, marketing, performance management, onboarding, and dealer support. For more information or to contact VINCUE, please visit



VINCUE Releases Unified Buying Plan with Multi-Channel Acquisition

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