Buh-bye, whiteboard. Hello, Scoreboard.

By: Danny Zaslavsky, Dealer Principal, Country Hill Motors and Managing Partner, VINCUE

For years, whiteboards, paper logs and Excel spreadsheets have been the dutiful and quieter  workhorses in our dealerships.

Want to know how many cars we have out for the month? Check the whiteboard. Is it up-to-date? Mmm, maybe. How about repetitive calls into the dealership to check the latest sales and acquisitions? “How many deals we got today …” Your colleagues love that.

At my own dealership, we used a whiteboard for years as a way to track sold cars, pending deals and keep a scoreboard of sales numbers. We’ve also loved a good whiteboard or spreadsheet to help us brainstorm and collaborate, but when it comes to tracking the pulse of inventory and sales? We needed a better, faster and more digital way.

I’d like to introduce you to VINCUE PULSE™, the whiteboard-replacing, team-enhancing digital scoreboard that fits in the palm of your hand, on your wrist and in your stores.

VINCUE PULSE™ shares real time updates with those you choose every time a vehicle is sold, marked pending or even acquired.

Display your team’s photos with each contributor’s own sales numbers, quotas and trends – all updated in real-time whenever or wherever you need it.


VINCUE PULSE™ features display metrics that unite and ignite:

● Number of units sold / day / week / month / year
● Number of units pending
● Comparison to previous months or years
● Activities by sales rep, today, this week, month and historical
● Number of units acquired by rep, source and channel
● And so much more …

Everything I need to know is available at my fingertips with one tap. Gone are the days of tracking across Excel spreadsheets, Google docs and CRMs. VINCUE PULSE™ allows you to start innovating and get creative on how you incentivize, ignite, excite and manage sales teams as to grow unit sales and profits!

Only VINCUE makes this innovation possible. Because all of the data you need is collected and stored securely in its end-to-end platform – Anytime. Anywhere. Across all devices.




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We get it, change is hard. But when you think about getting rid of multiple systems and replacing them with better data and better tools, maybe it’s worth a look. Let us give you a free demonstration of VINCUE and show you what your world could look like. 


Created by dealers, for dealers, VINCUE is based on data and built for the modern automotive industry. 

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