VINCUE Releases VINCUE Boost™ for Automated VIN Specific Ads


VINCUE Boost™ has been rereleased as a true SaaS solution for VIN-specific digital advertising with budgets automatically tuned to the health and performance of each vehicle, in real-time.

Kansas City, Missouri. Tuesday, February 22, 2022: DealerCue Automotive Corp. (“VINCUE”), the maker of VINCUE unified inventory lifecycle solutions, announced today the rerelease of VINCUE Boost™, an automated digital advertising platform built on top of the company’s inventory management solution. The new version of VINCUE Boost™ is a truly automated digital advertising engine designed to increase or decrease daily advertising spend based on the quality and performance of each individual vehicle.

“Being a true inventory lifecycle solutions partner means we have an unprecedented amount of data on each individual vehicle,” says Chris Hoke, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of VINCUE, “and because of that we know which vehicles are most likely to sell, in what time frame, given certain criteria.” Hoke says that VINCUE Boost™ uses data like inventory aging, number of leads or test drives, and VDP views to automatically increase or decrease digital advertising spend, daily.

“Based on the data, we know when you need to go acquire more eyeballs through digital advertising, and we know how many eyeballs you need to attract to get a car sold,” says Hoke, “that’s a much better strategy for moving inventory than just relying on arbitrary price adjustments.”

VINCUE Boost™, formerly known as AdCue™, has been part of the VINCUE product since 2018. Previously, VINCUE relied on a team of digital strategists to monitor, track, and adjust digital advertising campaigns and budgets on a monthly basis. While VINCUE Boost™ has always performed well across all digital metrics and KPIs, including impressions, click-through-rate, VPD views, and leads, it was not a true software-as-a-solution product.

“We’ve experienced incredible growth the last 18 months, onboarding hundreds of new dealers,” explains Hoke, “which means we need to streamline and scale our offerings based on what we know best – and that’s data.” Hoke says that this transition won’t impact any dealers that want to continue working with VINCUE on monthly campaigns, but it does open opportunity for any VINCUE customer regardless of who they’re using for marketing or digital ads. “If you’ve got an agency or a freelancer you like, keep using them,” says Hoke, “but add in our VIN-specific ads engine to make sure you’re pushing the inventory that needs it to the most likely buyers.”

This announcement comes in a series of company announcements, new partnerships, and product enhancements from VINCUE, which announced a record year in 2021, more than doubling in employees, revenue, and dealership rooftops. VINCUE, the only software provider to offer unified inventory lifecycle solutions within a single system, plans to continue that growth in 2022 through additional partnerships, industry thought leadership, and investment in product features and capabilities.

VINCUE will be exhibiting at the 2022 NADA Convention & Exhibition, at Booth 5049W in the Main Hall, where you can pre-schedule or walk-in for a meeting or product demonstration with the VINCUE team. During the exhibition, VINCUE will also be welcoming speakers from other partners and featuring its own leaders through a series of mini-breakout sessions.

VINCUE is a privately held company located in Kansas City, Missouri. Its founder and Chief Executive Officer is Chris Hoke, a long-time automotive technology veteran and former software engineering leader at VIN Solutions. The company was founded in 2016 and employs over 50 full-time team members, including sales, marketing, performance management, onboarding, and dealer support. For more information or to contact VINCUE, please visit




VINCUE Releases VINCUE Boost™ for Automated VIN Specific Ads

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