Watch VINCUE Accelerate LIVE with Troy Spring of DealerWorld

Troy Spring, owner of DealerWorld, has decades of experience in retail automotive which all started with a $500 loan he owed his dad.

Looking back on where he started to where the industry is today, he says that on one hand, everything has changed. Troy knows that disruptions like electrification and autonomous driving, direct to consumer vehicles brands and sales, and increasing demand for digital shopping experiences have created entirely new challenges for traditional dealerships.

On the other hand, nothing has changed. Troy believes in the generational knowledge and innovative spirit of the dealer body which has always found ways to cope, compete, and conquer – and that’s why he continues to love working with and for dealerships across the country.

Watch VINCUE’s Danny Zaslavsky as he spends time with Troy and they talk about all the current challenges facing retail automotive dealers, including inventory availability, increasing market competition, and lead generation, and how he thinks dealers can innovate and champion in the years to come.

#VINCUEAccelerate is a program facilitated by VINCUE to help the entire dealer body get the most out of their people, processes, and technology to increase gross and turn. You can join VINCUE Accelerate on Facebook. 


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Watch VINCUE Accelerate LIVE with Troy Spring of DealerWorld

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