Stan Sher of Dealer eTraining Talks Solving Acquisition with VinCue

Stan Sher, the mastermind and talent behind Dealer eTraining, is all about helping dealers stay on top of emerging trends automotive with expert training, coaching, and mentoring services. Recently he shared his thoughts on the inventory crisis and solving acquisition using VinCue’s Vehicle Buying Center VBC™


Hey everybody. This is Stan Sher with Dealer eTraining and I wanted to make this video because it’s not often that I get to promote something that’s not mine, but when I get blown away by a product, by a service that I personally know can help the automobile industry thrive, survive, and just grow all in all, I think that it makes sense to make a video like this. So I want to announce VinCue. So I met these folks earlier this summer at the NIADA Convention. I got to see one of the managing partners, Danny Zaslavsky speak, and I got to meet them and they showed me a demo of the product and I think it is pretty revolutionary.

First of all, I’m impressed with the team that they’ve assembled. They’ve assembled some of the best software developers and sales people in the automotive industry, that really have developed some great tools over the years; people that I’ve known and I’m not going to mention the tools, but they’re really incredible because they really created a concept that’s needed for these tough times. Let’s face it, we know that inventory is tough. We know that it’s hard to acquire inventory. Inventory is expensive and what’s interesting is, they created some of the best inventory management tools I’ve ever seen. I mean, they truly developed something that, in my opinion, is going to the next level and I feel like more dealers need to take advantage of it. What I love even more about this, is that they are very big on creating vehicle buying centers.

That’s right. Not only do dealerships need to have a business development center or a strategy to sell cars, but you need to start having a strategy to acquire cars. You do not need to spend an insane amount of money on third party advertising tools that are going to force you to just use their brand. Now, you can actually have a tool in-house, in your dealership. You can actually build a department, pay people the right way, and now you can actually have a department that acquires inventory for you. I think this is really great for new car dealerships, because right now, if you don’t have enough new cars, you need to shift your business a little more to used cars so you can stay in business and be profitable, but it’s also great for the independents that are so used to just going to the auction and buying cars and paying all these fees and even the smaller ones that are worried about, how do I get more cars? There’s 30, 40 car lots that barely have 15 cars in the lot. They’re sitting there, complaining that they’re having a hard time buying vehicles.

Well, VinCue has the solution for sourcing, for being able to advertise, being able to acquire cars and inventory from customers off the street. There’s a strategy to building a VBDC, which is a virtual buying center, so to speak, and of course they have the right tools and software. I was blown away just by looking at everything that they offer, so I highly recommend it.

Now for the Buy Here, Pay Here dealers, I actually got off the phone with one today and they said, “Oh, it’s a little tough right now. We have 70 cars. Usually we have more than that.” Well, the reason why they don’t have enough inventory is because they do not know where to go out and buy it and they don’t have the right tools to go out and acquire inventory. This is a whole new strategic thing that’s coming into our industry, and dealerships that are utilizing VinCue are growing and they’re staying on top of what’s going on and they’re constantly evolving and that’s why you don’t hear them crying about inventory issues.

So if it’s up to me, if I had a dealership right now, I would be all over this program. I mean, it’s incredible what they’re able to do. It’s legitimately like rocket science for acquiring inventory. It’s data-based, it’s science-based as you could see here, an example of looking at what other dealerships are having, I mean, it’s just a really, really great tool. So with that being said, I highly recommend it. I don’t work for them, nor do I get paid commissions for promoting it. I just feel like, as an industry advocate that is all about creating the right processes so dealerships can sell and acquire cars, I feel like this is the avenue to go. So, this is approved by me. I personally love this product. I love the people that have this product.

Go check them out and let them know that you saw my video. Let them know that you saw Stan Sher from Dealer eTraining. Talk about this and this way, show them the love and even check out some of the articles on their website. I mean, they really have a lot of knowledge. I mean, right even here. They’re partnered with my old friend, Jasen Rice from Lotpop. Just think about that. They have partnerships with some of the best and brightest in the industry so by all means, go check them out and like I said, tell them S…, social share, Stan Sher of Dealer eTraining sent you and think about really evolving for 2022, because this problem is not going to go away for a while and this is the solution. You just have to step up, double down and take massive action, and you will be able to acquire cars and continue doing business as usual and not being left behind, like some of these other guys out there. All right. I hope you guys have a wonderful day. Thank you for watching this video. Take care.


Stan Sher of Dealer eTraining Talks Solving Acquisition with VinCue

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