Rapid Recon & VINCUE Announce Partnership to Improve Speed-to-Sale


VINCUE & Rapid Recon will work together to offer real-time updates, costs, and approval process for vehicle reconditioning and repairs through VINCUE’s inventory management system to speed recondition-to-sale process.

Kansas City, Missouri. Tuesday, February 22, 2022: DealerCue Automotive Corp. (“VINCUE”), the maker of VINCUE unified inventory solutions, and Rapid Recon, a recognized industry leader in inventory reconditioning software and solutions, have announced a new partnership that will integrate data and workflows between Rapid Recon and VINCUE, expediting the reconditioning-to-sale process and offering full visibility for inventory at every step of the reconditioning process. Additionally, selected repairs and reconditioning work will be visible in VINCUE inventory details, making it visible on the VDP and syndicated listings.

“The reconditioning process is somewhat of a black box for most sales managers and sales people,” explains  Danny Zaslavsky, Managing Partner of VINCUE and General Manager of Country Hill Motors, an independent dealership in Kansas City. “Rapid Recon is an excellent system, but it requires variable ops and sales teams to log into a separate system,” says Zaslavsky, “now all that information will be visible inside of VINCUE making it easier to access.”

Visibility into the reconditioning process is only part of the new integration. “What’s really exciting is that we’re building workflows into VINCUE that allow sales managers and variable ops teams to review, approve, or reject suggested repair orders submitted through Rapid Recon,” explains Zaslavsky. He says that’s important because it allows the business side of the dealership to make decisions about things that impact pricing and gross. “Some repairs will result in higher value, others may not,” says Zaslavsky, “this helps dealers make those decisions faster and smarter.”

In addition to the added visibility and integrated workflows, VINCUE will be using data from Rapid Recon about the repairs completed to include in the vehicle details and description. These details will be included in the vehicle description and line-itemed on the VDP, as well as pushed with the vehicle to whatever syndicated marketplaces the dealer may be using. “Displaying more detail about what went into the reconditioning process adds perceived value to that inventory,” says Zaslavsky, “which means the car sells faster and with higher gross.”

This announcement comes in a series of company announcements, new partnerships, and product enhancements from VINCUE, which announced a record year in 2021, more than doubling in employees, revenue, and dealership rooftops. VINCUE, the only software provider to offer unified inventory lifecycle solutions within a single system, plans to continue that growth in 2022 through additional partnerships, industry thought leadership, and investment in product features and capabilities.

VINCUE will be exhibiting at the 2022 NADA Convention & Exhibition, at Booth 5049W in the Main Hall, where you can pre-schedule or walk-in for a meeting or product demonstration with the VINCUE team. During the exhibition, VINCUE will also be welcoming speakers from partners and featuring its own leaders through a series of mini-breakout sessions.

VINCUE is a privately held company located in Kansas City, Missouri. Its founder and Chief Executive Officer is Chris Hoke, a long-time automotive technology veteran and former software engineering leader at VIN Solutions. The company was founded in 2016 and employs over 50 full-time team members, including sales, marketing, performance management, onboarding, and dealer support. For more information or to contact VINCUE, please visit https://www.vincue.com.




Rapid Recon & VINCUE Announce Partnership to Improve Speed-to-Sale

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