Craig Bickmore, New Car Dealers of Utah Joins #TeamVINCUE

New Car Dealers of Utah joins #TeamVINCUE, Excited about the Vehicle Buying Center VBC

The New Car Dealers of Utah and VINCUE is excited to announce a new affiliation, making New Car Dealers of Utah (NCDU) the newest member of #TeamVINCUE. Under the affiliation agreement, NCDU association members will receive exclusive access to VINCUE resources, training, and pricing, as well as early access to new VINCUE products and solutions. 

Craig Bickmore, Executive Director of NCDU, says “VINCUE is truly innovating on behalf of dealers, especially in the area of private-party acquisition.” He continues, “their Vehicle Buying Center – the VBC – is the best tool we’ve found for helping our members find, engage, and convert private sellers in their markets.”

The Vehicle Buying Center VBC™ is VINCUE’s all-in-one private-party acquisition solution that combines inbound and outbound lead generation by curating all private listings from third-party marketplaces like Craigslist, Facebook, CarGurus, and AutoTrader. 

Danny Zaslavsky, Managing Partner of VINCUE and Dealer Principal at Country Hill Motors, says that the New Car Dealers of Utah is the perfect example of an association that goes to work for the best interests of dealers.

“Craig and his team live and breathe retail automotive,” says Zaslavsky, “they are out there every day fighting for family owned dealerships in their community through advocacy and education.” He continues, “that’s what makes their support so meaningful to us, they share our commitment to the dealer body.”

Zaslavsky and his team plan to be in Utah multiple times this year to present new ideas, solutions, and products, and get feedback from Utah’s auto dealers on their challenges and needs. If you’d like to be invited to these meetings, contact Craig Bickmore or Schedule a Test Drive below. 



Craig Bickmore, New Car Dealers of Utah Joins #TeamVINCUE

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