Press Release: LotPop & VinCue Announce New Partnership


Jasen Rice, LotPop, and Danny Zaslavsky, VinCue, announced a new partnership between the two companies that will offer new features, functionality, and added value to separate and mutual customers.

Kansas City, Missouri, Wednesday, April 14, 2021: Jasen Rice, Owner & Founder of LotPop™ (, and Danny Zaslavsky, Managing Partner of VinCue™ (, announced today a new partnership that will offer enhanced features and access to data to their individual customers, as well as exclusive features and functionality available to mutual customers. The partnership formalizes a long-standing relationship between the two companies in which VinCue is already sharing real-time market data with LotPop and LotPop refers customers to VinCue, but it also expands the scope of the agreement to create more collaborative tools and products.

LotPop offers an industry leading technology digital platform combined with personal Performance Management to help dealers analyze everything from market trends to inventory details to make targeted recommendations on inventory sourcing and pricing strategies. VinCue offers a unified inventory sourcing, pricing, and management solution that is built on real-time market data from thousands of dealerships and millions of vehicles.

“The more data we have about the market, individual inventory, and general buying trends, the better we can fine-tune our algorithms to make even more detailed recommendations,” says Rice. “VinCue offers us real-time data for currently available inventory, but they also offer data on recently sold inventory which helps us dig deeper into trends and opportunities.”

“We are, at our core, a data company,” says Zaslavsky, “VinCue is all about combining data from multiple sources and enabling dealers to work faster and smarter.” Zaslavsky continues, “what Jasen [LotPop] offers is years of experience and expertise to use that data to advise dealers on the best decisions and actions they should be taking at any given point in time.” He says he see VinCue as the data and product provider while LotPop is the trusted consulting partner.

The enhanced features and functionality have already started appearing in each of the company’s customer-facing tools. LotPop customers that are not VinCue customers can now take advantage of the VinCue Inventory Grade Card that lists real-time market data for currently available and recently sold comparable inventory. Customers that are working with both LotPop and VinCue have access to the VinCue inventory plugin that allows them to make pricing changes directly inside of LotPop, eliminating the need to work back-and-forth between two systems.

For VinCue customers that are not currently LotPop customers, users will start seeing an abbreviated Inventory Grade Card in their system. This grade card is powered by LotPop algorithms and will identify inventory issues, trends, or other concerns that inventory managers should analyze. Customers that are working with both LotPop and VinCue will have access to additional performance insights, as well as the LotPop browser extension that will allow users to quickly and easily access LotPop data.

Both companies state that the partnership will help dealers maximize their efforts by focusing more on sales and customers – and less on inventory maintenance and management. “We preach to our customers that they should focus on sales and let us focus on inventory,” says Rice, “VinCue helps dealers spend even less time on inventory management.” Zaslavsky continues, “VinCue creates valuable efficiencies and offers unparalleled access to market data, but it’s LotPop that will actually help dealers take advantage of all that we have to offer.”

VinCue is a privately held company located in Kansas City, Missouri, employing 30 full-time people. They work with hundreds of dealerships across the country and maintain data on millions of vehicles and vehicle transactions as part of their VinCue Core product. VinCue Core is a unified software solution that combines inventory sourcing, pricing, and management in a single solution. VinCue also offers custom websites, as well as AdCue™, an automated digital advertising platform, and VBC™ (Vehicle Buying Center), a comprehensive Private-Party Acquisition solution that combines inbound and outbound lead management.

Getting Started

If you’re a LotPop or a VinCue customer and you want to learn more about the benefits of this partnership, you can contact your account representative or click below to learn more. 



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Press Release: LotPop & VinCue Announce New Partnership

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