Increase The Visibility of Your Low-Performing Inventory

By Malcolm Heath, Director of Digital Marketing — VINCUE Boost

Let’s talk about VDP Views. We love them. We hate them. We want them. And most of all, we need them. As a dealer, optimizing your ad spend and increasing VDP views on the inventory that need it most can become complicated.

Here are some of the major issues dealers are facing with their VDP views:

  • The majority of dealer inventory is underexposed → 20% of a dealer’s inventory gets 80% of their VDP views, leaving the rest scrapping for attention.
  • Getting eyes on your inventory can be expensive, and getting the right eyes on the right inventory can be very difficult. Traditionally, dealers would turn to 3rd party listing sites or advertising agencies, which provide high cost per VDP views and little control over direction and ROI.
  • Dealers have been conditioned to believe that digital advertising is a black box that only experienced advertising agencies can understand. They are being left with big bills, many questions, and few answers.

Sound familiar? If so, it might be time to reconsider the next steps of your marketing strategy.

What if there was a way for dealers to take back control of their inventory and intelligently identify underperforming and underexposed inventory to connect with in-market shoppers?

Now there is... Meet VINCUE™ Boost

VINCUE Boost enables highly efficient, VIN-specific, Targeted Advertising for slow-moving inventory at a fraction of the cost compared to current industry standard advertising vendors and channels.

Key Dealer Benefits with Boost:

Layer in efficiency and automation with the BOOST ENGINE and be able to consider real time inventory performance changes or override and adjust manually based on the market.

The Boost Engine leverages inventory performance signals to identify the low-performing inventory and prioritizes advertising efforts for these units.

View your inventory performance in our comprehensive inventory dashboard, giving you the data you need to make informed decisions regarding your inventory and ad dollars, or allow the Boost Engine to do it for you!


We leverage Google Analytics to report our traffic and count our views, not proprietary/hidden dashboards or metric calculations, giving you the confidence of accurate data

How Does Boost Work?

By tapping into the VINCUE next-gen platform containing inventory management data, the Boost engine analyzes vehicle performance signals, market sales history, and national trends to identify which vehicles would benefit most from additional eyes instead of a decrease in price, then the Boost Engine automates your VIN Specific Ads, and displays them on Facebook, Instagram, and Google to in-market shoppers in your area.


Boost works independently of all VINCUE offerings (but even better with VINCUE Inventory Management). So while Boost relies on the inventory data contained in the VINCUE next-gen inventory management platform, customers can purchase Boost separately.

If you are running into the same challenges over and over with increasing VDP views and ready to learn more about VINCUE Boost, schedule a call with our team of experts today. 



Increase The Visibility of Your Low-Performing Inventory

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Created by dealers, for dealers, VINCUE is based on data and built for the modern automotive industry. 

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