Goodbye, Whiteboard. Hello, Scoreboard.

By Danny Zaslavsky, Dealer Principal at Country Hill Motors and Managing Partner at VINCUE

Growing up in my car dealership, my dad, like many dealership owners, always wanted to know  how many cars his dealership had sold or acquired in any given day – all the time. 

And so, like many owners and managers in the country, he would pick up the phone and call the dealership several times a day and ask, “How many deals we got? How many cars have we sold? How many cars did we acquire?”

For years this meant we’d keep track of sales and acquisitions on whiteboards and CRM’s. Paperwork was often working its way through F&I or the Accounting department and information wasn’t necessarily up-to-the-minute accurate. CRM’s have done a nice job of working to close the gap, but the data still requires logging in and doing some digging. 

In imagining what could be possible with technology, we dreamed of a way to not just track but also share and inspire team members to hit goals and come together on a shared mission. 

Today, at my dealership, sales people have the ability to see exactly where they are for the month at any moment, set goals, see historical metrics, take part in spiffs, check on other team members, see recent acquisitions being made in real-time, and so much more – all through VINCUE PULSE.

The PULSE Digital Scoreboard hangs in our store and team members can simply approach it to view important information so our team knows exactly how we are performing and pacing. 

Managers and owners have the ability to push notifications directly to sales and acquisition team members to hit targets on spiffs, aged units, and other custom key performance initiatives we desire. 

Many of the key metrics we need to know are now available by glancing at our Apple watch, opening up  the PULSE App on our phones or simply looking up at our digital boards. We can even choose to get instant updates every time a vehicle is sold, marked pending or acquired. This benefit provides us with real-time data, important trends and early warning to issues to help us proactively manage trouble spots and keep our teams focused on meeting their goals. This means I can now innovate and get creative on how we incentivize, excite and manage our sales and acquisition teams to grow profits. 

This is not an additional software to manage or pay for, rather a mobile extension of the VINCUE platform included in its ever growing capabilities. 

This new feature costs you nothing additional as a VINCUE client; simply reach out to your performance manager to get PULSE installed on your devices today. If you’re interested in becoming a VINCUE customer, schedule a Test Drive today. 



Goodbye, Whiteboard. Hello, Scoreboard.

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We get it, change is hard. But when you think about getting rid of multiple systems and replacing them with better data and better tools, maybe it’s worth a look. Let us give you a free demonstration of VINCUE and show you what your world could look like. 


Created by dealers, for dealers, VINCUE is based on data and built for the modern automotive industry. 

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