Can’t Miss Digital Dealer 2022 Sessions in Tampa



VINCUE is pleased to sponsor and participate in the upcoming Digital Dealer 2022 event in Tampa Bay, Florida from May 9 – 11.

We are located in Booth #213 near the entrance to the exhibit hall and encourage you to meet with our team to learn how our technology can help you realize the highest authentic value of your inventory.  Pre-book time today with a VINCUE specialist.

In addition to our booth, we invite you to attend two sessions our Managing Director, Danny Zaslavsky is speaking in. Information for both sessions is below.

The DEI Journey – Practical & Actionable Ways to Create DEI Strategies & Thrive to the Future
May 10 from 2:30 – 3:10pm

  • Erikka Wells, Sales Manager, Volkswagen of Marion & Co-Founder, WOCAN
  • Ashley Cavazos, Director of Digital Performance, Walser Automotive Group
  • Ernie Less, COO, Rimrock Auto Group
  • Tianna Mick, Sales & Marketing Manager, Dealer Synergy
  • Danny Zaslavsky, General Manager, Country Hills Motors and Managing Partner, VINCUE
  • Sandy Zannino, Founder, Innovative Auto HR LLC

Session Description
The time is NOW! Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is how the automotive industry will thrive in the future! The business case is clear, and there is an overall industry focus on DEI and the competitive advantage it brings to dealers.

Digital Dealer brings back the Courageous Conversation on DEI as we explore the message that, “We must change the Heart of automotive in order to change the Face of Automotive.”

Join this panel of dealers, operators, vendors, and partners, representing various aspects of diversity in our amazing industry, as we engage in some real talk. This session will focus on exploring various facets of diversity with an eye toward practical and actionable ways to create DEI strategies so that your organization can thrive in the future. There has never been a better time for dealers to think about their DEI practices, generate ideas on how to begin and get on the DEI journey!

Achieving Highest Authentic Value by Using Data to Change Decisions, Behaviors, and Culture
May 11 from 10:00 – 10:50am

  • Danny Zaslavsky, General Manager, Country Hills Motors and Managing Partner, VINCUE

Session Description
As someone who is obsessed with data, technology, and efficiency, Danny Zaslavsky has sat in every seat and done every job at his family’s independent dealership in Kansas City, from point-of-acquisition to point-of-sale. He has quantified every step of the inventory lifecycle to identify efficiencies, eliminate waste, and take advantage of any and all opportunities to minimize costs and maximize effort. He prioritized data and outcomes over instinct, and focused on achieving the Highest Authentic Value of his inventory instead of playing a game he felt he was losing.

In his pursuit, Danny organized the inventory lifecycle into three stages: acquisition, inventory management, and marketing. He found ways to measure and impact each stage to contribute to the overall value of the inventory. It’s about changing the way you do business to impact gross and turn, but it’s also about preparing your dealership to compete against the forces that are changing the entire industry.

Join this presentation to understand how to use data to better align your people, processes, and technology and realize the Highest Authentic Value of your inventory by buying right, pricing based on value, and using intelligent marketing to stop undercutting gross and turn.

If you are attending Digital Dealer we offer the opportunity to schedule time with our sales associates in the booth for a private demonstration of our technology as well as the chance to better understand how we can substantially drive increased gross and turn. Simply register for a meeting on our site.

If you’re not attending Digital Dealer but want to learn more about VINCUE, register for a Test Drive on our home page.



Can’t Miss Digital Dealer 2022 Sessions in Tampa

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