Country Hill Motors Buys 100+ Cars a Month with VINCUE VBC™

Country Hill Motors spent years using an auction sourcing strategy, but as the market became more competitive something had to change.

Country Hill Motors spent years using an auction sourcing strategy, but as the market became more competitive they knew something had to change. That’s when Danny Zaslavsky, GM, started using VINCUE Vehicle Buying Center (VBC™) to source better inventory directly from the public. In just a short time, Country Hill has seen a dramatic improvement in their front-end gross and inventory turn.

Danny Zaslavsky was born into the car business. He started working at his family’s dealership at age 14, and has been asking himself the same question ever since: “How do we sell more cars and make more money?” Unprecedented demand has only made this question more important: “Not only is it hard to find the best inventory for our market right now, it’s hard to find inventory, period,” he says.

Zaslavsky started looking for inspiration from companies like CarMax. “These retailers have access to limitless inventory through the public,” he explains. “We knew that to remain competitive, we’d have to do the same. So we started looking for a strategic partner to help us get started on private-party acquisition.”


Zaslavsky, also the Managing Partner of VINCUE, turned to his team to help solve the problem, and they wasted no time in getting started. “We started by using VINCUE to build a dedicated landing page for our buying center,” he explains. “Their automated advertising system was then able to target and funnel sellers in our area directly to our website.”

Once there, Country Hill utilizes VINCUE’s built-in valuation tool to generate transparent, real-time offers for visitors — showing sellers how much they would pocket by selling on their own, through trade, or selling directly to their dealership. “Right off the bat, they can see that we’re positioned to give them the best price possible with the least amount of effort,” says Zaslavsky.


But VINCUE hasn’t just helped Country Hill collect more inbound leads. It’s also provided their buying agents with the tools they need to pursue outbound opportunities as well. “With VINCUE, our agents can view vehicles listed on Craigslist, Autotrader, CarGurus, and Facebook Marketplace, all from the same dashboard,” says Zaslavsky. “It also eliminates duplicate listings, so they’re not reaching out to the same person twice.”

VINCUE VBC™ has ensured Country Hill is sourcing in the right inventory for their market: “VINCUE uses our data to show us which cars we want, and which we don’t,” he explains. “My manager can then go through and assign each vehicle to a specific agent. Best of all, even though my agents are reaching out through VINCUE, it looks to the seller like all communication is taking place through whichever platform they listed on.”


Since using VINCUE VBC™, Country Hill has gone from struggling to keep their lot full, to buying over 100 cars a month directly from the public. And while some of this success can be attributed to third-party tools, Zaslavsky says that VINCUE deserves most of the credit: “On average, we’re only able to convert about 3% of the leads that come in through KBB ICO,“ he explains. “With VINCUE, we’re converting around 12% of our outbound leads and nearly 22% of our inbound. That’s allowed each of our buying agents to purchase between 20-30 vehicles a month.”

Zaslavsky and his team aren’t just bringing in more inventory; they’re earning more on each purchase too. Country Hill now earns $1,200 more in front-end gross on VBC purchases than on vehicles bought at auction. Not only that, their upgraded sourcing strategy has helped cut their turn rate nearly in half — down from 40 days to just 22 days.

With those kinds of results, it’s hard to imagine why Country Hill hadn’t focused on private party acquisition earlier. But, according to Zaslavsky, it’s because there’s no other tool on the market like VINCUE VBC™.

Any dealership can achieve the same results, says Zaslavsky; they just need the right partner: “The fact is, we couldn’t have done this without VINCUE. They’ve helped us put the tools and processes in place to buy high-margin inventory, and they’re always adding new features to make private party acquisition even more effective.”


VINCUE VBC™ is effectively the only CRM for private-party acquisitions and seamlessly integrates into your sales CRM, DMS, and IMS to create a unified experience and reporting.



Country Hill Motors Buys 100+ Cars a Month with VINCUE VBC™

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