Automotive Thought Leader, Cory Mosley, Joins #TeamVINCUE

Cory Mosley has made an entire career out of being a strategic and trusted partner to move auto forward.

VINCUE and Mosley Automotive is excited to announce a new partnership, making Cory Mosley a trusted and important member of #TeamVINCUE! 

Once named the “hardest working man in Automotive consulting” by Dealer Magazine, Cory has earned the reputation as a creative thinker and personality that doesn’t simply want to get you to think “outside of the box”, but to “blow the box up” entirely. His influence extends to retailers, OEM’s, vendors, and associations, and his focus is on innovation, evolution, and competition. 

These characteristics make Cory the perfect #TeamVINCUE partner, a true advocate of the dealer body and a shepherd of new ideas, technologies, and ways of doing things. As a partner, Cory is an important part of our strategic feedback loop, offering broad and diverse perspectives that will help VINCUE be a better automotive leader, dealer partner, and technology provider. 


Automotive Thought Leader, Cory Mosley, Joins #TeamVINCUE

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