VINCUE & Car Guy Coffee Brews New Partnership to Help Dealers Win

Car Guy Coffee Podcast JOINS #TeamVINCUE TO BREW new solutions AND help dealers win

Fred Lennartz & Lou Ramirez, the Certified Solutionaries behind the Car Guy Coffee Podcast, are on a mission to brew and serve up new solutions and ways of thinking to the auto industry. Both seasoned sales and finance strategists, they have spent their career uplifting peers, partners, and agency customers with an unmatched passion for excellence and unwavering positivity.

It’s exactly the kind of culture we love and respect, and it’s why we’re thrilled to announce that the Car Guys have joined #TeamVINCUE! 

As members of Team VINCUE, the Fred & Lou join a network of industry thought leaders and automotive visionaries that exist to help dealers find new ways to win in an ever increasingly competitive market. Together we share best practices, generate new ideas and solutions, and bring our collective knowledge base to dealers across the country. We know that VINCUE will be strengthened by the breadth and depth of their experience, and Fred & Lou will be on the front lines of all things VINCUE. 

As part of this new partnership, VINCUE will become a proud sponsor of the Car Guy Coffee Podcast, and Fred & Lou will have access to exclusive resources, training, and releases for VINCUE products and solutions. They will be recognized as Group Experts in our VINCUE Accelerate group and we look forward to many exciting and valuable collaborations in the future!


VINCUE & Car Guy Coffee Brews New Partnership to Help Dealers Win

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